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Reinforcements at Base Nova Demo (722.25 Kb, 219 downloads) MajorPain @ Thu Feb 13 01:14:42 2003
Wow! I was actually aliens! :P. Here's a well-played match on the map gloom5. No magnuming this time, but still a good watch.

Shooting Random Things with Magnum (687.32 Kb, 285 downloads) MajorPain @ Sat Dec 14 20:03:28 2002
Sorry about not having a screenshot :/. The only Base Nova one I had was 800k. Godmil and a few others asked for me to make a magnum demo for them, and voila! Watch me shoot things with the magnum! So exciting!

Battle on Totalkarn (1.08 Mb, 216 downloads) [TFD]Samedi^ @ Fri Dec 6 14:14:32 2002
Some nice play from both teams (good early engi work by humans and bad breeding from spiders makes for a frantic opening)

Deserted battle, POV [TFD]Samedi^ (2.56 Mb, 257 downloads) [TFD]Samedi^ @ Thu Dec 5 01:13:08 2002
A good fight which swings from one side to the other. Good stinger play and some nice stalker spike shots considering my cross-atlantic ping ;)

Builder Wars (Beta) (1.19 Mb, 223 downloads) AshTray @ Sun Jul 21 04:49:41 2002
Engi VS Breeder Battles (you'll love it) Tag team, 3v3 battle royals... Builder Wars (Beta)

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