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Zanathos' Custom Model Pak (3.10 Mb, 778 downloads) Zanathos @ Fri Jul 11 04:28:29 2003
This file should be used with Sulq2 or R1gl

All that is in this file are the models and their skins.

Included Files :

Grim's Autogun touch up.
Grim's Desert Eagle Commando Magnum.
Grim's Shock Trooper Shotgun.
Grim's Mech version 2. (Using Default skin)
Grim's Stinger.

Smack's Egg.
Smack's Engineer. (Including 32 bit skin.)
Smack's Spiker.

Stannum's Pistol.

Exterminator Plasma Rifle (LMCTF).

Thanks to all those who provided various files in the community custom files page.

Happy Glooming!

neRd's Model Pak Replacements (4.17 Mb, 545 downloads) neRd @ Fri Jan 10 20:40:43 2003
This is my pak file I use to play gloom, there are many model replacements. New breeder, gasser, spikers, rocket(s); new skins for the models thanks to froggy. Also, there is some stuff I downloaded here and used, so I credit those guys.

Impact's Paks (3.94 Mb, 739 downloads) Elden @ Mon Dec 10 22:31:09 2001
Contains two pak files. Pak8 replaces models, sounds, and icons. Pak9 is just the icon replacements.

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