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Drab Froggy Skins Pak (3.25 Mb, 330 downloads) FroggyQuim @ Tue Feb 10 16:54:30 2004
This pak contains desaturated (less colorful) versions of all of the alien skins I have created.


There are also matching scoreboard icons and reskinned alien gibs.

Unpack into your gloom directory. Note, this file is useless unless you have my models to go with these skins!

Red Skin Pak (PNG only) (3.33 Mb, 203 downloads) Switen @ Wed Dec 31 03:34:21 2003
Includes edited skins in PNG format of the whole human team except mech. Edited infest and turret skins are also included. Follow the readme.txt file for installation notes.

This pak requires a PNG compatible renderer.

Gloom Unit9 (705.58 Kb, 208 downloads) Frosty @ Fri Oct 10 00:45:07 2003
This is the Unit9 called into action. This was made from many skins and put together to form a Force that can wipe out the alien scumbags >;). The pak comes complete replacements for humans like soldier, HT, St, Bio, and a little change on the Xterm. Also comes with icons for score and see who's who, infested bodies and dead body skins. This has a readme of the name of the original skinners. God Speed to u All and Happy Glooming.

Zanathos' Custom Skin Pak (5.54 Mb, 527 downloads) Zanathos @ Fri Jul 11 04:50:25 2003
This File should be used with Sulq2 or r1gl.

Files Included :

Froggy's 24 bit Hatchling/Kamikaze skin.
Froggy's 24 bit Stalker skin.
Froggy's 24 bit Wraith skin.
Froggy's reskinned drone. (version 1.3)

Jove's high quality Commando skin.
Jove's high quality Grunt skin.
Jove's high quality Shock Trooper skin.
Jove's high quality Heavy Trooper skin.

Tuomas' high quality exterminator skin.

Thanks to all those who provided the files in the community custom files page.

Happy Glooming!

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