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Ac1's gfxpak (37.67 Kb, 196 downloads) Ac1 @ Tue May 27 21:39:30 2003
This file is a graphics replacement for gloom (you can put this in baseq2 too)

The file contains new rocket, mech cockpit, "flash" model, laser.


duncpak gloom replacement pak (12.57 Mb, 269 downloads) duncan @ Mon Apr 7 01:52:57 2003
duncpak is a pak file which replaces some of the original sounds/models/graphic files for gloom. this is the pak i use in gloom and it rox. yarr. listed below are the modifications i have included in my pak, which can be obtained individually at the planetgloom community files page.

-Grim's Improved Stalker Skin [PNG]

-Grim's Big Mech v2 Without the Grunt, "giger" skin by neRd used as default skin [PNG]

-Grim's ST Shotgun Model [PNG]

-Grim's Detailed Stinger Model [PNG]

-Echon's High-Quality Silver Exterminator Skin [PNG]

-Jove Chiere's High Quality Human Player Skins (Commando, Shock Trooper, Heavy Soldier, Soldier) [PNG]

-Jove Chierre's High Quality Teleporter Replacement Model [PNG]

-FroggyQuim's High Quality Hatchy/Kami Skins [PNG]

-New High Quality Egg Skin [PNG]

-R1CH's Fixed Original Gloom Menus [PNG]

-R1CH's Noise Reduced Original Gloom 1.3 Sounds

Duhstructives multi pak (1.56 Mb, 193 downloads) duhstructive @ Thu Feb 28 20:47:19 2002
New hatchling model, new gasser model, spas model, various sounds
and so on.

The Pak of Jed (14.71 Mb, 278 downloads) Elden @ Mon Dec 10 22:55:09 2001
Three paks contained in zip. Too many changes to list individually. Zipped, this thing is about 15 meg.

Keitek's Many Changes Pak (9.61 Mb, 251 downloads) Keitek @ Sun Nov 25 21:03:23 2001
Mostly starcraft sounds from the zergs. Couple of other sounds here and there. Plus pics and icons made by Wompo and Impact, has Gixter's Engineer and Egg, Satannum's Mech....blah blah. Pretty much almost all of the custom models and skins put into one pak.

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