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PyroSpace environment map (1.02 Mb, 263 downloads) ThePyro @ Mon Feb 24 02:40:46 2003
The .tga size included is 512x512 instead of 256x256. By default, Quake2 doesn't handle larger than 256x256... but if you have a modified ref_gl then you may be able to enjoy the spiffy
high-res goodness. Oh, and the .pcx versions probably look really bad. Don't use 8-bit textures, mkay?
PyroSpace environment map

Mars Sky (520.25 Kb, 221 downloads) ThePyro @ Tue Nov 27 17:48:06 2001
This is a mars sky / environment map for mappers to use. Red hills, yellow sky, etc...

Note: It may look bad in software mode due to crappy Q2 palette.
Mars Sky

Stars environment map (15.45 Kb, 229 downloads) adamantine @ Mon Nov 26 16:47:22 2001
Just a pretty stars sky i use on all levels in gloom. Looks best with hatchie/kami because of the nutty perspective =)

It looks much better in game then this screenshot..

Read the .txt file for installation instructions.
Stars environment map

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