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Welcome to the community files upload page. Here you can submit files to the community files pages. You will need a fairly up-to-date browser to be able to upload files correctly. All sections of the form must be filled in unless otherwise indicated that they are optional. After uploading, your file will be checked out by a member of the team, and later included on the FTP and files page provided it is suitable.

Do note, if you do not fill in any part of this form correctly, you will not be told so until AFTER the entire file has been uploaded, so be sure to fill in all required sections properly. This process is completely automated - if there is a problem with your file such as invalid directory structures, you will be expected to fix this yourself. You will be given a tracking ID after the file has been uploaded to allow you to see the status and comments added by the staff.

WARNING: Files that contain executable content will be REJECTED without question. Also note that this site is hosted on a server of OneCall Internet. Any attempts to 'trick' the uploader script into performing malicious actions will fail and appropriate details will be logged.

Find a file to upload (15mb max):

Please compress your file if at all possible, eg don't upload a .pak or .dm2, zip it up first to save space. NOTICE: RAR files are not accepted because of their proprietary format. Use ZIP FILES. Note that renaming a .RAR file to a .ZIP file does not magically make it change to ZIP format.

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Select the options which best describe the contents of the file:
New models
New skins
New sounds
New textures
New env. maps

File is a pak file (eg a replacement model pak, sound pak, etc)

Title of the file you are uploading (eg 'Reinforcements at Base Nova', 'My Crazy Sound Pak'):

Description of the file:

Filename to store as (lower case, no spaces, alphanumeric characters only) on the FTP (eg,

IMPORTANT: This MUST include the extension, eg Also, try to keep this descriptive so people browsing the FTP manually have a clue what it is. "" and such will be rejected.

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Enter the name of the three frag class that breathes fire and has gas spores:

NOTICE: After pressing the 'Begin Upload' button, the upload will begin in the background. You will not see any progress information until the file has been completely uploaded. After uploading, your file will have to be validated by a member of the team before it will appear on the files pages or FTP server. A tracking ID will be assigned to your file to allow you to view its status. file management system © 2001-2002