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Review of Rush Hour
"A big gabble of brushes, thrown together in less than 3 hours...."
Map Name   Rush Hour (rushhour.bsp)
Map Version   14. 12. 2000
Map Author   Sul
Web page   Click here.
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Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Fri May 5 18:38:39 2000

Hoo boy. You all are probably going to scorn me for this, but I actually treat this map with a slight sense of dignity. A lot of players seem to enjoy the map, either because of the cars, or its large open setting that provides Wraith/HT players with the run of the land. Anyway, shall we get started?

Rush Hour, aptly named, was a map made by Sul in about 3 hours. I hear it was bet to see how fast he could make a map, but I really dont give a damn. Right, back to the topic at hand. The map consists mainly of large, open rooms connected by large hallways....yep.... thats about it. Brushwork used around the level was rather undesireable, due to the fact Sul wasnt trying to win any beauty awards. Lighting was rather well done, as standard light level was used to make sure no area was completely pitch dark. The rooms were absolutely gargantuan though. Im surprised r_speeds stayed as low as they did, around the 300-500 mark, which isnt bad. My true opinion is that this map would be better for AirQuake2, not Gloom. Getting any ideas Sul???:P

Alright, now that Im done breifing you on the boring parts of the review, Ill get right to the thick of it all and chew this map out for its 2 cube final score. Now, you may think those cars are fun (and they are half the time), but theyre really BASTARDS that smash your high-frag classes. Ive seen people lose Mechs, Stalkers, Stingers, Guardians, Exterminators.....hell, I even saw a friggin Engie get nailed by one (not on purpose). Theyre a great addon to give the level some originality, but they dont really add anything to gameplay than to piss people off or provide some subtle, cheap enjoyment for people who dont really want to play the map. And let me tell you, there are quite a few of them.

As for the actual layout, its average...sub-par at the most. A human base that is very large and open. The spawn placement was decent, with them being spaced out so that one single attack wouldnt bring the house down. There are plenty of stacking spots on top of the large pillars that hold the bridges up, albeit the base itself is very vulnerable to wraiths, a sharp-shooting biotech should be able to take em' down though. There are more than one ways into the base, so thats a big plus. Now, the spider base is horrendous. Its basically as big as the human base, except its just a large cave. Scratch that, and EXTREMELY large cave. Humans can sit and camp the top entrance shooting at the defenseless hatchlings for ages, until one outsmarts them, then they retreat. The egg placement is fairly well spaced, no way to wipe out all eggs with one all-powerful grenade. The ledge is a game-saver most of the time, and is a primary goal of smart breeders to get to.

Now, there is one stacking spot that really pisses me off. Thats the super high cliffs at the top of the tunnels. If an engie gets up there, and sets up even one turret, it'll take an medium-skilled Wraith (or a Stalker) to take the job of removing it for a kami to get up there. Even worse is if a grunt is sitting up there. Once again, wraiths and stalkers. Of course, by the time you wipe one grunt off of the cliff, another one would spawn and shoot your kami teamate struggling to get up the wall. It could go on like this for a few minutes. *Groan*

Bottom line? RUSH HOUR really looks quite crappy. Yes indeed. Thats something very, VERY rare you'll see any reviewer say about one of Sul's maps. Anyway, only play on this map if you want to fool around. I wouldnt reccommend it for any serious games (most of the time)....

User comments:
Yep this map sucks but thats beside the point that the car sounds 0wnZ0r U!!! hehe - MuteMode
Ok, yes. The car sounds are funky-fresh. You happy Mute? - Saig
Poor spiders. - The Pyro
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I was ROFL while making the map and testing it after 3 hours. Now reading thi... - Sul [more]
the download was small sul, that's all that matters to us modem users :P... - Ryuenjin [more]
Ok, this map is the best. Yes, it is a wraith map but who cares, its fun.... - Chrono [more]
ah... NOW i understand why this turned out the way it did, what with Sul rol... - RICH [more]
it can be compaired to R1, mapping on goof balls. - Ranger

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Comment: Face it. The textures used in this level were bland. I saw rock texture everywhere I looked, but what can you expect with a map made in 3 hours.

Cube Cube

Comment: Its "decent". Thats all I can say for the layout. It wasnt GREAT, but it wasnt all that bad...well it sure as hell doesnt deserve anything more than 2 cubes...

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Yes! The cars were a first in Gloom History! I see players doing some very interesting things with them cars. VROOOOM!

Cube Cube

Comment: Believe it or not, if each team has some dedicated builders, games on this map can range from "OK" to "Great". For the most part, the map is good to joke around on...but it doesnt play well for REAL games...
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