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Review of Devil's Inferno
Map Name   Devil's Inferno (devinf.bsp)
Map Version   7. 10. 1999
Map Author   Devil Warrior
Web page   Click here.
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Reviewer   R1CH
Reviewed on   Thu May 4 04:43:02 2000

This map looked good, but things are way out of scale. It feels like you have been miniaturised into some lame place. In fact, you have. Expect long, bland floors, impossible-to-reach tables and other "features". One of my main gripes about this map is the defendability of the bases. HTs or wraiths can just sit back somewhere safe and defend the place too easily.

My other gripes include the initial bases. There are hardly any reachable new base spots for the humies, so they are destined to have kamikazes climb up electric cables and blow up their computer/base. Spiders start in the back of a TV? whilst they could migrate to other areas thanks to patent-pending Breeder-Airways™.

If you have the connection and patience (or gloom 1.1) this could be a good map, but sadly it's just too big/laggy/defendable to play on today.

User comments:
god damn this map is laggy! thank gods it isn't plaied in one call any more. - Daemon Warrior
Personally, I think it is rather unique. Too bad it sucks ass... - Saig
Well, I like it, if both teams are good. - Cybernetsam
Nice map. Not made to be played oin though - gingerman
The map is only meant for 12 and under players. Try putting it on t... - Devil Warrior [more]
No, it sucks even with a small ammount of people...sorry DW; no dice...:) - Saig-#2
Woot! Go... map!!! - A person...
A poor copy of kitchen. - Krybosis

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Average rating for Devil's Inferno: 3.1/10


Total: 29 ratings
Cube Cube

Comment: Dodgy wallpaper type textures, dodgy magazines and the.. house?


Comment: ONE HUGE ROOM!! Unless you have a cable/DSL connection, expect major r_speed and net lag. Also expect MAJOR wraith/HT "defending".

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Well... a good idea, but poorly executed. Perhaps if the room were partioned somehow (a cheese slicer?) then it could of been better.

Cube Cube

Comment: A good map if you have the connection and ability to shoot down the swarms of wraiths that will surely appear.
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