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Review of E.C.M.F Crystal Method
"Fairly decent map, but it just had to have fuckups, didnt it...."
Map Name   E.C.M.F Crystal Method (crystalmethod.bsp)
Map Version   12/20/2001
Map Author   {Dark} - Defiler
Download (1.5mb)
Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Mon Jul 1 04:57:33 2002

Defiler's last map before dissapearing into the void. Crystal Method may not be a block of pure eye candy, but compared to some of Defiler's other maps (oh god do not remind me), this is a piece of (somewhat mediocre) art. It shows promise, but it wouldnt be a Defiler map if it didnt contain at least one (or two) horrible flaws....

Admittedly, Defiler isnt the best with his brushwork. This is painfully obvious in any of the caves you see in this map, in which there are about 5 or 6 gargantuan brushes that make up the playing field. There is no texture variation there either, except for the slime, which gets boring to look at as well. There is supposed to be a "faked" transparent webbing texture at the cave entrances, but Defiler apparently forgot to include it in the zip. This isnt too much of a problem, as you can download another of Defiler's maps (Powerslave), and just take it from that zip. Of course, whether its worth your trouble to actually download powerslave is your own decision.

While the caves may be about as awe-inspiring as the Lifetime Channel, the rest of the level takes place inside of a facility (its the crystal method!). To be honest, Defilers indoor brushwork/texturing is leaps and bounds above his rockwork. This is most obvious in the one exceptionally beautiful room, with a well-chosen texture blend, and a great green overtone. It doesnt seem like this room should even BE in the map. Its on an entirely different wavelength. Every other part of the map is mostly unaligned repeating textures, which really pisses me off. Why go through the trouble of making one room gorgeous, and then doing a half-assed job on the rest of the level. Oh sure the faked volumetric lighting is actually well-done, but compared to the rest of the level, these features have no place in a map like this.

Now the layout is another thing. The layout provided in this map actually works for a change. In fact, if it had a little more work, it would be a very good layout in my opinion. There is more than just one way to approach any area of the map (two at the most rofl), plus its fairly easy to learn the routes in a short ammount of time. There are a few decent building spots all around the map, but when I mean a few...I mean it. Chances are it wont make a hell of a lot of difference anyway, because Humans will always build to the (much love) "ledge of doom". Yes, this god damn sack of shit is about the cheapest building spot I have ever seen, well, next to Lost Base (before DK revised it you jackasses). Not only is the building spot fairly high up, but its also obscure as hell, and slipping a kami in there successfully will require miracles to the unf-teenth power, what with the turrets undoubtedly lining the ledge. There is nothing to grapple to get up there either, just a sky. Just like that damned build area in 1ch-r, which ALSO pisses me off. Aside from the ledge, theres also "vents of doom" provided here. I see no purpose to these vents, other than to further complicate things, and result in even more hair-pulling frustration. Yes you can build in them as well, so thank whatever dumbshit engy/breeder puts your team in those vents, because youre gonna have a hell of a fun time trying to maneuver in them. Though, used as alternate routes around the map, I can see the benefits of them perhaps, but a nobuild entity would really help things out.

The r_speeds I frowned at as well. The halls leading up to the "ledge of doom" brought about a sizable increase in r_speeds, most likely due to the entire Human team perched on that fucking ledge jerking eachother off. The rest of the level ran primarily well though, not too many chokeups, especially in the caves consisting of a few giant irregular brushes inside of a box. Anyway, as a bit of a excursion from my current path of destruction I have layed down on this map, Id like to take a time out to point out the added features of the map. I give Defiler immense credit for branching out and attempting to make this map an atmospheric experience with the idea of defending the crystals from the aliens, but after the fifth time of hearing a distorted defiler shout "MARINES", I about lost it.

All in all, this map could be saved from the hell of forgotten maps it will most likely soon fall into, but I doubt Defiler will be making any more appearances in the scene. A revision would really help this map out, with proper guidance just to make sure it wouldnt be further screwed, making it entirely fubar. The ledge would have to go, or at least a decent way of attacking it would have to be provided. The vents, while stupid as they may seem, do serve the purpose of alternate transportation, but the nobuild entity would be essential to prevent idiot builders from really screwing their team into a hole (think totalkarn, just not as bad). If there are any revisions, this review will be revised as well, but chances are neither of these are bound to occur. A decent map, but plagued by glaring and frustrating trouble spots about sums it up.

(Note: By the way, where the HELL is RX!?!)

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Average rating for E.C.M.F Crystal Method: 4.3/10


Total: 27 ratings
Cube Cube

Comment: Well, there is one room in this map which is textured VERY well, plus the volumetric lighting hack, are the only reasons this gets 2 cubes. A few custom textures and whatnot. Caves are all but ugly and bland as grandmas underwear. Web texture missing from .zip! BAD!

Cube Cube

Comment: Actually it would be a decent layout if it had more work. Fair ammount of connectivity, though relocation spots are a bit restricted (but still available). Then theres the obligatory "ledge of doom". Dont forget the "vents of doom" that accompany it.

Cube Cube

Comment: Ehhhhh, well the whole crystal thing is fairly creative I suppose, even though Humans end up destroying them like the idiots that they are. The one room with nice texturing is a feast to the eyes. The faked volumetric lighting looks decent, been done before. The voice wav makes me snicker. :P

Cube Cube

Comment: If that "ledge of doom" were fixed, textures cleaned up a bit, and layout hammered out to perfection, this would possibly get a 3 cube in at least one category. Mediocre map at best.
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