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Review of Doom Complex
"God damn.....just....god damn"
Map Name   Doom Complex (doom.bsp)
Map Author   R1CH
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Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Sun Oct 9 11:26:44 2005

Hey I dont know why I decided to review a speedmap. Technically I dont count speedmaps as real maps, and Doom Complex is no exception to that rule, but Im bored...beyond bored, and I have recent memories of this fucking shitpile of a map being played on the servers. Ill make this one short, I promise.

VISUALS! LACK OF THEM! HORSESHIT! See, every map that was spawned from the contest this map came from ended up turning out to be a vomitous shitstain on everyones hard-drive. Unsurprisingly, this map fits directly into that category. The maps were to be built around some circular tunnel-piece Sul built, which looks quite good to be honest, and the original spawn locations couldnt be touched either. So we end up with a handful of maps with this cool circular tunnel in the middile, and fucking barren-ass square shitty caves for the rest of the maps. This map has some crates in it actually, and some ramps, and THE DOOM TEXTURE, HOLY SHIT ITS THE DOOM COMPLEX MOTHERFUCKER.

Great. LAYOUT. SUCKS. Shit on this. I cant even go into detail about the layout. You got your Human base filled to the brim with a shitfuckton of crates...yes another boxfestival...and ramps, and a lava-canal or some shit. Superb! Mind you that lava canal connects to a room about 500ft downstream that Engineers usually like to build in with the help of Bios. Every single one of you Engineers should either have hot-glue injected straight into your asshole for being dipshits, or be honored for ending such a fucking horrible map so quickly. Spider base isnt much better off. Instead of such cool things as lava canals and crates, they get...AN INVINCIBLE LEDGE. Hah what a brilliant fucking idea. Oh well.

Its time for creativity. CREATIVITY IN CAPS. Not quite, Im not that fucking lame (that will probably be commented on), but Im on the verge of doing it. Yea its creative. Nothing can be considered creative in the map, even Suls little tube-tunnel thing, since its in every other speedmap in that competition. Gah gah gah gah CRAP!

Yea I said it would be short. I do not lie. I do waste my time though, and for what, I have no clue. There is no sense of satisfaction I get out of this. I dont just do it to crush peoples mapping aspirations, because Quake2 is a fucking dinosaur, and all of us still mapping for it should be hit in the fucking face by a flaming lawnmower blade that flies out of Jeff Daniels asshole. We all need to move the fuck on, and we WOULD HAVE if fucking Quake3 gloom didnt get shot the motherfuck down by REX.

Anyway, yea, dont play this map. Its a fuckshit spamfest, thats all it is. Oh wait thats what everyone loves in Gloom nowadays anyway, so hey maybe you should play it. God damn. You know what, dont even take my advice. I havent got any sleep recently, so what I am typing right now is complete nonsense, like this fucking map. DIE.

User comments:
Doom Complex isn't THAT bad considering it's a speed map and all.Also it ha... - goose [more]
you could have tried gloom22, the james bond complex map instead. Saig. - Ranger
<3 Saig-kun~~ - apple
WOAH! - Kryb
yea, another piece of mindless spam. Great.. - Jose

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Comment: Rocks, crates, lava, rocks, vomit, turds, bubbly yeast infection excretions, anal seepage, blood-stained tampon.


Comment: A complete piece of shit. Sorry...actually no Im not sorry. This shoulda been disqualified from that abysmal mapping contest.


Comment: No...NO...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Get the fuck out of here.


Comment: Bum bah boo bahhhhhh.....YOU LOSE. Everybody dance!
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