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Review of Gloom: Special Edition
"a remake of The Infested Caverns"
Map Name   Gloom: Special Edition (gloomse.bsp)
Map Version   11. 10. 1999
Map Author   Devil Warrior
Web page   Click here.
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Reviewer   R1CH
Reviewed on   Fri Mar 10 05:42:05 2000

This map has similar layout to the original Infested Caverns, although this adds a pool of water and some crates along the corridor route. Most rooms are fairly bland, but what bugged me was the lack of jagged rock faces and poor lighting. Some on the rooms near the spiders base (such as the ledge room) were way too big and cause a fair bit of lag for me.

Some places have been improved to provide a nicer base building location. The humans have pipes and two ledges in their base, but it is all close together so one kami could take it all out. The spiders' ledges are fair bit higher, and the lower ledge can be accessed easier, thanks to a ramp like system. There is also a little hole in a hole, see if you can find it.

Overall not a bad map, but nothing amazingly spectacular.

User comments:
Its ok, but he screwed up some texture alignment methods I used in the human base... - Saig
No I didn't! I didn't touch them at all! And I think I did pretty g... - Devil Warrior [more]
I love this remake. I think it is better and more atmosphereic than th... - gingerman [more]
big ass human advantage too much sapce heh there needs to be a spidey map(... - Nataku [more]
Games last longer than theyt did on the original version... - {DaRk}Defiler
Woot! Go map! - A peson
Woot! Go map! - A Person
Gloom > GloomSE - Cataclaw
Gloom > GloomSE, Cataclaw is quite right, GloomSE says to me: "look, i mad... - Ranger [more]
I quite don't understand the point of this map. It's just Gloom but in a... - Krybosis [more]
clearly a 'first map' cause the scale is just way off, and that spoils everything :/ - Godmil

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Cube Cube

Comment: Really I didn't think this map texturing was very original. Since all the rooms are quite larger than the original, there was a notable texture pattern in almost every room.

Cube Cube

Comment: All of the rooms were a LOT bigger than the original counterparts, but they lacked the jagged rock edges and cool lighting which made the original so good.


Comment: Well come on, it's just a remake! One cube for the pool of water and new cubby-holes :)

Cube Cube

Comment: A bigger version of The Infested Caverns, works well with more players.
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