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Review of Scheissdreck
"Map: Scheissdreck...Codename: SHITDECK...."
Map Name   Scheissdreck (scheissdreck.bsp)
Map Version   17. 10. 1999
Map Author   Sul
Web page   Click here.
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Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Mon Jul 17 00:24:02 2000

Schiessdreck is a Jungle Gym for insane asylum refugees. Its a horrible, twisting, disorienting, dark maze of brushes and hallways. And to boot, it has a cool "Edge of Oblivion" you can jump off into incase you get too bored just trying to play a real game on the map!

First, the architecture. Hell, its Sul, he is always creating amazing stuff with his "Super Mapping SkillZ", and I can't deny the fact that his creations are absolutely eye-popping half the time. He's done things with the Q2 Engine that people thought to be impossible....but hey, what can you expect from a German? (No Im not racist, just messin with Sul a little bit:P) On the downside though, having a creative sense of architecture isn't worth crap if you can't make the layout decent, as is the case with Schiessdreck (aka. Shitdeck)....

The layout is horrid. It sort of looks like a newbie attempt at making a deathmatch map, except, it was planned out and organized. I really would like to know what the hell goes through Sul's head when he thinks of making maps. I swear he was thinking of playground equipment when he made this!! Anyway, playing a game on this map is usually futile. Any semblence of a real game being attempted on this map is ignorant. The only thing I could see fun for this map is being a Wraith and spraying the humans down below with quarts of acid. Thats it....

So, you Wraith lovers, go ahead and vote for this map on the GMD Map Poll (which Sul "RIGS" by the way..just thought I'd let you all know that!), but do not expect me to be there to recieve your acid rain of death. Believe me, if I was a reviewer that only cared about how a level looks (which is fucking stupid), then this level would get 4 doubt. But the actual substance in this map is less than lacking.....its not even there. But hey, at least its better than Rush Hour!!

One final note: Any people who can tell the difference between what a good map is and what their ass is, PLEASE don't vote for this map. Its only wasting time....seriously; no offense Sul.

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are you revewing the map or Sul ? - ValouR
Agreed as well, its bad to me. but let the other decide, even if its bad. - Zefder
Sul is a great mapper. No insult to him, but this map just stinks... - Saig
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I like it. - Nuke

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Average rating for Scheissdreck: 3.4/10


Total: 24 ratings
Cube Cube

Comment: Basically just one texture used for the entire map practically. Lighting was...dark...


Comment: Nygth! Ahrg!! This is NOT a layout! Its a friggin Jungle Gym! I guess Wraiths could have some fun here....

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Well, it is definately original and creative. I can't say that Scheissdreck is like all the other Gloom maps out there, because its' not...


Comment: When you come right down to it, Schiessdreck just kinda...y'know, stinks...
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