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Review of RSM-01 Revisited
"The first visit was enough for me..."
Map Name   RSM-01 Revisited (rsmse-r2.bsp)
Map Author   Echon
Web page   Click here.
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Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Mon Sep 2 03:49:45 2002

Maybe it might be a good thing that Echon is sticking to Special Editions of other maps instead of creating his own concoctions. Lord knows we really dont need another Xenophobia, but thats behind us all now. Today we revisit the grand-old speedmap RSM-01 by resident GMD staff member Cataclaw, compliments of Echon. Was it really required? No, but Echon gave it his best, so Ill give it to you straight.

The map is very well built actually. The architecture and brushwork is very clean, and all of the textures fit and align at every junction. Kudos for getting that down. The lighting is much like the original speedmap, except perhaps a tad bit darker in some areas. The blue hallway and lime green spider base still remains, but is improved and isnt frustratingly brilliant, and set at darker values. The Spider base sports some nice textures too, which I believe came from the godly terrain map Lavatube. It looks decent enough, but one thing that I questioned was why there was a need for a new skybox. Theres only like 2 parts of the level where you actually see sky. No big deal I suppose.

The layout is exactly what you would expect it to be, virtually the same as RSM-01. The only differences are supplied by a change in the room constructs, and some extra hallways in the upper route of the map. There is also an extra room or two to build in. So basically Echon succeeded in evening the map out for both of the teams, except the fact still remains that the Humans can camp that door leading from the Spider base. A wall or obstacle in front of the door would have been perfect, but that might have ruined one of the maps strong points...the 'Spamability'!!! Ho hum, isnt it becoming that way with every Gloom map now anyway? Maybe it has more to do with the play-styles of all the players than the actual construct of the map? Dwelling further on into that thought would require an article instead of a review, so Ill cut it short right there.

The creativity here is teeming. Wait, I mean steaming. Like a steaming turd, festering in an Olive Garden handicapped stall. You know the one. Anyway, while Echon nailed the texture alignment and got everything looking all clean, in the end its still a dull, boring-ass facility. What exactly is the purpose of those little vats of liquid anyway? Are they pumping various colored liquids in tubes just for the hell of it? BreederTV looks like it might go off the air since they only show one program, but I guess its better than static. Im not sure if there was a backstory in the readme, but I dont think it would have made much of a difference. But hey, its got a nudie mag with hot XXX bitches man! ROCK ON!

The map runs as smooth as honey though, which is always a plus. Cant argue with great r_speeds, so another kudos (that makes two omg). However, I cant help but feel really let down while playing this map. Sure it is improved over the original, so it does achieve a qualified Special Edition notice. I just never really figured anyone would want to 'specialize' a map like RSM-01. It is thought-provoking , and leaves me speechless. I am now dead to the review, so I may quell on this great mystery that is RSM-01SE....

User comments:
I think we all could learn a lesson or two from echons map. The textures ar... - Oomp [more]
lets see... what other already done maps could echon do?... gloom2, gloom4... - Ranger [more]
I'm flattered with the SE of my 3 hour speedmap.. - Cataclaw
By the way, don't mock the XXX Bitches, you he-bitch, Saig. - EchonAgain
I have to say, Im growing fond of this map. I may have to mod the review... - Saig
hot boners to the best level ever - Kain

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Cube Cube

Comment: Textures were all aligned as far as I could tell, albeit there wasnt a trace of contrast. Fits a complete theme? Perhaps, but a bit of variation would have been very welcome. Alien base textures looked nice, yet I swore I seen them before. Lavatube?

Cube Cube

Comment: Its RSM-O1 all over again. Yet another SE map from Echon the great. That said, he did open up the layout a bit, and added a few twists to turn the situation a bit more applicable for the Spiders. Truth be told the layout wasnt very good to begin with... >:|


Comment: There wasnt much creative about the original, and nothing was tacked on here to make it anymore interesting. Are beds supposed to be that big? WTF is with Breeder Porn!

Cube Cube

Comment: Well it is a fairly large step from the map it was based off of. Basically everything an SE should be, roughly the same layout, souped up visuals, and added flair to make it "special". Unfortunately I really didnt see the flair here...
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