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Review of Area 51
"gameplay on this map is not very good"
Map Name   Area 51 (area51.bsp)
Map Version   21. 8. 1999
Map Author   {GZ}Snake_Doc
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Reviewer   Reaper-1
Reviewed on   Mon Mar 6 14:13:18 2000

There are many things about this map that I do like, and many things that I don't. I would like to call your attention to the large hallways in particular. In most buildings we see hallways as smaller in the width and height dimensions than the rooms they connect to(excluding broom closests =p). But in this map I found rooms that were the same size, or smaller than the hallway it was connected to. Giving it a strange form of architecture.

Textures also had their little quirks. Don't get me wrong, most textures fit their brushes right. But there were things that seemed to stick out from the theme of the map. The strange grating on the air vents for instance, and the pure black cement on the road at the human base. These and other oddities really detract from the realism of the map. Some things that I do like are the tubes and pods in that one room where apparantly tests had taken place. I also like the lasers under the glass, though I fail to see what purpose they might serve.

My impression (may I point out that this is only an impression) of gameplay on this map is not very good. I've played only a few games on this map, one of which was a 1-1. From what I've seen, however, the gameplay factor for spiders is slim to nil. Any spider with less than 100 life is going to spend a great deal of time being shot down by humans. I reccomend very fast and agile classes with strong health factors as well(Stingers, and drones namely). Humans can use any class as they all have ranged weapons and can camp, basically, any room in the map.

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't spoken of the great soda machines everyone loves, "Would you like to be a pepper too?" First of all, I don't give credit to mappers for using prefabs. I certainly don't despise them for it, but they don't deserve credit for them, especially the complex ones. The reason I deducted a cube from the overall score was because he did not give credit to the original authors of these prefabs which is very... well... wrong. Otherwise it's a good map to add to your collection.

User comments:
Evil map, humans can camp in that long ramp for eternal games. - Sider
... - Ranger
fell the death in u - death

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Cube Cube

Comment: Textures were alright, I found few misalignements, and there were some brushes that just plain would have looked better with other textures.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: It's no secret that I like the layout big. But I consider big a theme, and some rooms that I feel should have been big were quite small. Otherwise it was a nice layout.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: It's not what I imagined Area 51 to be, but who cares right? There were some nice creative elements that I found myself liking. (Wide air vents, WOOHOO!)

Cube Cube

Comment: Overall the map is good, I can't reccomend it for clans so I can't give it the GMD Seal of Approval. Sorry Snake Doc. Also, there was no mention of the original authors of the Dr. Pepper Machine and Coke machine prefabs. (Big no no, -1 cube for you.)
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