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Review of Temple of Origin
"Prefabs, Prefabs, Prefabs! Oh, and a crappy layout too...."
Map Name   Temple of Origin (temple2.bsp)
Map Version   7. 8. 1999
Map Author   {77}Snake_Doc
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Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Thu May 4 17:32:26 2000

The level "Temple of Origin", by our retired buddy Snake_Doc, will probably go down in history as one of the oddest maps in Gloom. Now, I would use a different adjective in place of "oddest", but Im trying to keep my composure here. Anyway, lets get this over with.

Upon loading the map, you spawn in a square, outdoor room filled with rocks, stadium lighting, and a big door that is obviously misalligned. Sounds fun, no really it does. Upon spawning and activating the door, you are treated to watch the door take nearly a half minute just to open. While waiting, the best thing to do is to stack to the convienient ledges right in the base with engies and set up a proper defense. By this time, the door should have opened, and you now enter the least, you THINK its a temple. Wait a minute! You cant see a DAMN thing because its so fucking DARK! Now begins the joy of running around rooms filled with plenty of prefabricated fun.

Now, you may begin thinking, "Hey this map is too spider friendly!". Right you are! Thanks to IR Vision, spiders will have no problem picking you out of the darkness and shredding you to pieces. Ideas that the map will be loved by spider players begin circulating in your mind, but you are'nt quite right there. Seeing as how there is only one entrance/exit to the spider base, the humans can sit there and train a gun on helpless hatchlings for hours on end!

You may begin thinking that a bad layout is all that plagues this level. Nope, theres more. R_Speeds sky-rocket around the spider base, thanks to all the pretty 8-brush prefabs scattered around the level. Hell, the level is just prefabs anyway. I think theres at least 2-4 things that the author did himself: the walls, the ceiling, the floor, and some lighting. The rest are prefabs. That big door that takes forever to open? Prefab. Those annoying pillars? Prefabs. The bloody sacrifice thing? Prefab. Now, I could go on with this for a few more paragraphs, but Ill save my fingers and your eyes the trouble.

Bottom line? Dont download it, dont touch it. Read the review, heed its warning. If you want a temple map, go play Sseleman or Better Than Bitter...(not the original bitter)...but absolutely stay away from this one.

User comments:
god damn this map sucks. the r_speeds even cripple my p3-500 256mb TNT2/u in... - R1CH [more]
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Cube Cube

Comment: Well, textures actually fit to the desired theme, believe it or not. Although, I did not see a hint of effort put into alligning the textures. If the prefabs were properly used (like, not at all, hehe), the textures might have came out better looking.


Comment: Awful. Really it is. Dont even start to argue with me. Timid design scale, terribly dark rooms, one entrance to each base...uhg.

Cube Cube

Comment: Its a temple. Yes, we've all seen Sseleman's Temple, but this map actually has that REAL temple feel, unless you count the big electronic door at the start of the map...BTW, did I mention that nearly every single structure in this map is a prefab?


Comment: While there is some SUBTLE element of gameplay shitting around in this map, it is a futile attempt to play the map just to try and find it. Avoid at all costs...
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