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Review of gxcinema
"Riddled with vents and shades of neon"
Map Name   gxcinema (gxcinema.bsp)
Map Author   cx_gx
Download (1.1mb)
Reviewer   Echon
Reviewed on   Thu Jun 10 19:50:02 2004

Have you ever been to a movie theatre? cX_Gx has, apparently, not. In this review we will take you to hell and back again, showing the less famous 'cX_Gx map', with plenty of screenshots to aid the visually impaired. The map starts you out (almost coincidentally and preemptively) pointing you towards the bathrooms:

Let's back up a little and let you get a look at the room you start out in. This is actually a very vital gameplay junction. Very tiny and full of holes leading to just about everywhere. Two entries lead in, one leads out to the human base, and there is a vent in each of the bathrooms. I'd not suggest this map for more than 8 players, because it would indefinetly become crowded with just a couple people walking in a room at any given time.

As we venture to the human base (what was the top left entry on the last screenshot) we head into a cinema, where the map got it's oh so creative name. People are settling down on their wooden box, munching on their popcorn and sipping from their soda, while admiring a complex movie, in which a breeder moves side to side!

You likely noticed the vent holes in the previous screenshot. Well, as many people know, vents are usually annoying and almost godly when used right. For some reason, there's a lot of them in this map. So here's a diagram of the basic layout of the viewed vents:

As you can see, the vents lead everywhere inside such a little area, making this a unique place to attempt to defend. Let's turn around and head back into the human base now. I must warn you to prepare your eyes for vibrant shades of neon puke:

The greens and yellows really hurt the eyes, I do not know if the Quake2 Palette is to blame, but it sure is horrible. Crazily enough, he even has a ledge! Never do you see such a vain attempt at making a base defendable. Now let's pull back out, and take a look at the general layout, to give you a better grasp on "where things go". You'll notice that we managed to cover such a large area of the map in such little time. That's because this map is freakishly tiny. Also pay attention to the alien base, as I don't really plan to touch base on it much. It's a large L-shaped "base" which is rather overly-lit for an alien base. The good thing he did was put supports that you can build in above, the entire length of the base. This base is also riddled with vent holes though, on top of the two entries, making it difficult to defend.

Let's jump right into the middle of the map, where all of the action will be. As you will notice, he was very creative with his texturing. The sidewalks are about 3 normal sidewalks wide, there's a two-lane street that leads to two walls, and there are highly hilarious movie names on the sign. Traffic is directed by a tiny toons street post, even though there is no intersection.

Here's another couple views of the streets, from each side:

Now to conclude, try to put a little more effort into a map before you release it. If you can't make a texture with more than three shades of green and yellow, then don't make a texture. Making small maps is fine, but riddling them with vents and insecurities will just make for very one-sided 6 minute long games.

User comments:
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This map is a piece of nigger shit - Tobiash

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Comment: A shame you can't go into the negatives. The neon green/yellow really accent the whole concept of throwing up.


Comment: 2 Rooms, 2 Bases, 1 main area

Cube Cube

Comment: You don't see a cinema map everyday


Comment: Could use sex appeal
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