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Review of Mountain Base
"Not Enough Effort Put in"
Map Name   Mountain Base (mountain_2.bsp)
Map Version   23. 7. 1999
Map Author   ShakuEndbringer
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Reviewer   Blink
Reviewed on   Sun Mar 5 14:57:43 2000

Welp...Creative, but no effor put into it...the creativity wasn't applied in the making... spiders end up camping humans up on hte ledges, or spiders end up with an unreachable base... horrible gameplay... no effort... *Flame me if you want

User comments:
Horrid map. All you people who like it should be SHOT!! - Saig
well we found this map incredibly entertaining.. but that's mostly coz ... - BN_42 Mo [more]
LOLSweet map. I have to say its even better than rushhour and comin from ... - Chrono [more]
MOUTAIN 0WNS J00 ALL!! OWNS!!!!!!! - Acidburn
Wow, this is a short review. - Cataclaw
damn this map ownz... grunt craterin is so fun... lol - ReD DraGoN
don't change wraith in 1.2c :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :... - Ranger [more]

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Average rating for Mountain Base: 5.9/10


Total: 19 ratings

Comment: They dont align, over useage..just plain skrewed up


Comment: the spider tunnles were good, everything else... was bad

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Very creative, but not applied...

Cube Cube

Comment: Just no effort at all
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