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Review of Oratipe Facility
"brainchild of a stunted mind"
Map Name   Oratipe Facility (oratipe.bsp)
Map Author   ihavenolegs
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Reviewed on   Wed Dec 3 14:43:32 2003

When you first load the map, you are greeted with a promising 1285 r_speeds. This can only mean good things, and immediately my hopes went up as I forced myself to look away from the r_speeds, and at the actual map. Glory above all, a visual sensation like never before, I gazed on the alien base. Lovely crafted containers of various liquids are spread about, with a marvelous crane that is operated by a magical force that only Harry Potter himself could rival. Another strongpoint of the map is the rainbowlike lighting that gives the map an aura of wonder and amazement. A duly effect that enhances the map experience by far.
(click for large view)

And then the cocaine wore off.

Screaming in agony, I claw at my face, trying to rip out my eyes. Permanently blinded, I am only haunted by flashbacks of this map. The high r_speeds in the alien base AT THE STARTING POINT are sure to make slower computers wish they had never loaded this map in the first place. Another feature of this map is brilliant architectural work, such as columns of rotating lava in a room with a console and crates. There are two of these rooms. Purpose? I can't see one.

And then there is the water fish tank in the human base. Apparently the rotating water (???) is held up by a force field of some sort, because you can't walk through, but still shoot through.

The base setup is laughably ridiculous, although as the author noted in the text file, the teams are supposed to expand. That does not excuse base setup. If you look at an overhead shot of the whole map, you noticed that while the human base (in the top left corner) has exactly one entrance, the alien base (bottom right) has three, not counting the brilliant cave system that leads from the alien base TO the alien base.

The texture- and brushwork of this map speaks worlds about the author itself. In one room, like the start room, you have bad architecture that somehow adds up to more than a thousand r_speeds, while you have other corridors, like the one seen below, has nothing to show for it besides a crate. And... astounding.. texture work.

In addition to lopsided distribution of brushes, there are a number of examples of bad brushwork itself. Maladjusted pipes and gaps in the floor.

Corridors ripe with rainbow colors and r_speeds.
(Click for bigger)

Lighting that breaks the walls. Or walls that break the light. I can't decide.

The lighting is another thing in this map. Some corridors are like an acid trip, pregnated with a colorful euphoria. Other corridors are white and bland. Some areas have blinking/strobe lights that are sure to induce epileptic attacks. A pluspoint is that you are not able to see all of the map as it is partly hidden in the shadows, and you only have to see the map 50% of the time where there are blinking lights.

The vents, solely "for the purpose of getting from point A to point B" are a disaster. There just is no other description for them. Tight, cramped, inaccessible and un-maneuverable. Of course you might say, "Who, that description is highly redundant!" To which I can only answer: Play the map for yourself. That is something I do not reccomend.

User comments:
Suxxx - DeadEd
Good lord. If I reviewed this, my forehead vein would finally burst. - Saig
Runner-up for the Worst Map Ever award. - Cataclaw

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Comment: The texture work is very... aggressive. As can be seen in some of the screenshots, textures are chosen without reason, and they do not look good for the most part.

Cube Cube

Comment: The base setup is very poor with three-entranced alien base, and one-entranced human base. But besides that, it is very easy to get around the map, although linear (with exception of the vents.) You know you're not going to get lost in this map.


Comment: Purposeless rooms? Check. Vents? Check. Crates? Check. Lava? Check.


Comment: The hideous r_speeds combined with serious lack of good architecture and plenty of errors in the map, in addition to cramped vents and a fan that blows you down a corridor, show that this map was not a good idea. That, and the author misspelled his name in the text file.
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