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Review of Hell is round the corner
"A basic map with good architecture and low r_speeds"
Map Name   Hell is round the corner (hellround.bsp)
Map Author   Nunca
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Reviewed on   Tue Dec 23 07:54:03 2003
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!


First off, this map is no architectural masterpiece with fancy/gaudy brushwork. Everything is designed, for lack of a better word, simple. By that I mean the architecture gives me the feeling I'm looking at a classical/old-school map. The theme is very industrial, and nearly every room (except the outside, which seems out of place, and the beige room with the two angular pillars) fits in perfectly. However the overall look may be, there is some good brushwork hidden behind the industrial facade, such as the arches in the alien base, and various other 'round' structures.

The r_speeds all around the map are very low for a new map (on average 200-400, and average maximum is only 500-600) with almost no areas going above 700. Despite the low r_speeds, the author still manages to make the map look good. There are many crates, angles and (small) ledges that allow for alternative movement through the map without hindering the gameflow itself. There are no doors in this map, no obstacles (of brushes) and no random brushes sticking out of the walls that make navigating around this map easy, without the problem of getting stuck in architecture.

The map layout itself is confusing at first, but anyone who can orient him or herself should have no trouble figuring out this map. There are two different pathways leading to each base, with no forseeable chokepoint, as there are two main ways to the other side. In terms of base areas, both teams are given a well defendable start position on the exact opposite side of the map. In between are no areas that suit the purpose, of making a base, better.

Sounds are scarce, with no noticed active sounds. However, in nearly every room there is some sort of ambient hum that is easily overheard, but will add to the map atmosphere on a subconscious level.

The drawbacks:
-There is a lack of hiding spots, which makes the game quicker--not really a problem, but for many (slower) gloomers it may be irritating since they are used to egghunting.
-The default base setup is not very secure, and some builders will find the lack of more build points a challenge
-Sometimes it is possible to see other areas of the map visible through the sky, this is more of a problem with the quake2 engine itself, but it can be avoided when the mapping is done carefully. This is an aesthetic error only.
-Some might not see this as a drawback, (I do not really) but I included it in here because it deviates from 'proper' gloom gameplay: most of the map has a very low ceiling, which makes it hard(er) to play classes like the wraith or the drone.

User comments:
Schleimer :P - FraGnatiC
sweet map, one of the better recent ones - kryb
Excellent map. One of my favorites. - Jose

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Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Textures were chosen carefully for the most part and they fit right into the theme, however some areas are a thorn in my eye, such as the outside area, which could have been done better in my opinion.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: The layout is excellent, with no forseeable chokepoints, two bases on opposite sides, two major pathways and interjecting crossways between them.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: While the map isn't original it is creative. The map isn't clustered with random objects, but not entirely empty either. Lighting is well, with the exception of the sourceless pulselights in alien base.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Good architecture, good layout, good lighting, awesome r_speeds and no major problems. What more do you want in a map?
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