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Review of Better Than Bitter
"not much of an improvement"
Map Name   Better Than Bitter (better.bsp)
Map Version   16. 7. 1999
Map Author   JexJackL
Web page   Click here.
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Reviewer   Reaper-1
Reviewed on   Mon Mar 6 14:14:44 2000

[refer to review of bitter]
"Holy mother my first two line review!"

User comments:
actually I quite like this map. the textures and architecture are very inter... - R1CH [more]
sweet map for few peeps. Ram took it off barry's though ;( - ando
I agree R1CH you hit the nail right on the head. The looks are great, h... - Reaper-1 [more]
It truly is "Better" than Bitter! I want this map back on the rotation!! - Saig
refer to my comment on biter 8) - Sider
As a matter of fact, this map was made in less that 24 hours by my best... - DarkRavyn [more]
Sukkaa ja pahasti...erittäin huono...c4:n käyttö aika heikkoo - Pena
I dont like the map cause the humans have toomuch of an avantage...E... - ColDFusioN [more]

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Average rating for Better Than Bitter: 4.6/10


Total: 22 ratings
Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: I really can't say anything bad about the textures, they all align, they all fit the theme.


Comment: While PlasterBoy attempted to account for Castor Troy's sinigle entrance bases he had little luck, the bases both essentially come down to just one entrance.


Comment: It's based on a map with a room, a room, and a hallway. Today's lesson? Make SE maps out of GOOD maps!


Comment: He held to all the map rules for this map but you need more than that to make a good map. PlasterBoy can obviously map well, this is just not a prime example of that.
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