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Review of [D]esert [T]urmoil
"An odd map with disgusting architecture, but a bearable layout..."
Map Name   [D]esert [T]urmoil (desert6.bsp)
Map Author   Dirk Baetjer
Download (1.2mb)
Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Thu Mar 23 15:01:49 2000

Well, the first time I loaded this map, I IMMEDIATELY spotted 2slow4u's name listed in the console next to the map name. My mind flashed back to the abhorable "First Contact"....and I began regretting wanting to play this one. Two other names were listed as co-authors, but I was only really concerned about 2slow4u. Once the map loaded, my eyes nearly melted out of their sockets. FULLBRIGHT yellow skies pierced my retina's and began licking the back of my cerebrum, triggering an immense pain all over my body.

Right, and thats just the load-up, hehe...

Anyway, Desert Turmoil is actually a well thought out design. It supports some good layout and connectivity, at least in the remake of this map. The original boasted teleporters, showing that the 3 authors who congregated to make this pile of crap made 3 different parts of the map on their own and could not connect it conventionally because they were tired of mapping. Sooo, they plopped teleporters in as a convienient way to get around the level. Yea, convienient my ass...The level itself looks to be about the winner for the "Ugliest Gloom Map" award, but its a shame I can only give "Seal of Approval" awards. Brushes jut out in odd directions, some sit at the top of a brush about 1/20 its size, purple and pink blotches of light sit precariously in the most inappropriate places....lord. I think Ill stop before I turn into a Cranky Steve....*laugh*

The bottom line? Desert Turmoil can actually support some great games. Its just that, you have to squint really hard so your eyes dont melt out of their sockets while you play:P

User comments:
The color! it burns! it burns! - Trekker
That's what i get for letting 2slow4u work on it! - [DT]Xterminator
ROFL Xterm! Dont listen to him! He is evil!! - Saig
That'll teach you mr gl_modulate (joke) - ValouR
ahh it's a good clan map anyways... btw, i'm thnking about relightin... - [DT]Xtermin8 [more]

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Average rating for [D]esert [T]urmoil: 3.4/10


Total: 33 ratings

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