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Review of Chaos
"a map that has lied dormant for a while resurfaces and amazes"
Map Name   Chaos (chaos.bsp)
Map Version   4. 7. 1999
Map Author   KarnagE
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Reviewer   R1CH
Reviewed on   Thu Apr 5 17:49:37 2001
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

On Thursday 5th April 2001, I decided to run a 'lame map' night on onecall and change maps to stuff I'd never heard of and incomplete/horrible maps. I was uploading caves2.bsp to Onecall and noticed CHAOS.BSP on onecall but not in my maps directory. I downloaded it and checked it out.


Quite simply, how could this have been left alone for so long? From the creator of Total KarnagE, this map contends for the biggest gloom map ever. And not any major errors in sight. The human base is kind of cramped though, and with the new post-1.2c DLLs, the anti spawn-thru-floor code means some humie spawn points are off the ground, but I won't deduct this from the map's score since the mapper didn't have the new DLL to test.

The amount of stuff crammed into this map is amazing. We have train track things, crates (of course), tables+chairs, broken derelict lift mechanism, blue crystaline caverns and huge reactor cores. Everywhere is connected very nicely, and there are few campable areas. My only gripe is the size of the map. With fewer than 16 or so players, you'll be hard pressed to have the big battles going on due to the sheer number of areas to build.


This map is kind of like a lost relic, and it won't be missing again. It's going into onecall's large-maps.cfg so you should see it crop up during those big games. And of course, it gets the highly coveted GMD seal 'O approval.

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Average rating for Chaos: 5.2/10


Total: 20 ratings
Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Well in true KarnagE style, the textures are great. No misalignments and everything fitted perfectly. There were a few tiny lighting errors in places, but due to the huge size of this map, it's hardly anything to complain about.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: BIG. Very big. This could contend for possibly the biggest gloom map ever. And it's GOOD big. The layout flows quite nicely, although I am only giving 3 cubes due to the area near the humie base being somewhat cramped. Elsewhere, the architecture is quite amazing.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Well.. creativity... hmm.... BIG map gets it some cubes? :) Aside from that, there are some types of architecture in this map that I have yet to see used anywhere else. Since this map is also very old, at the time of release this must have been one of a kind.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Add it to your collection now, but make sure you have the players to support it :)
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