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Review of Temple of Sseleman
"It just doesn't get any better than this folks"
Map Name   Temple of Sseleman (sseleman-d.bsp)
Map Version   1.3
Map Author   Sul
Web page   Click here.
Download   gloom13full.exe (1.3mb)
Reviewer   Reaper-1
Reviewed on   Mon Mar 6 14:13:59 2000
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

I would like to start with the negative points of this map, but frankly, I can't. There are no negative points on Sul's Temple of Sseleman. The only thing I can show you now is how it looks, but what you see on your screen right now cannot compare to the great amount of gameplay Sul's Temple of Sseleman provides. I must have participated in close to 100 matches on this map, and I have no memory of a game going bad.

I'll start with the way this map looks. Sul obviously used some very special tools and techniques to build Temple of Sseleman. Over many conversations I've learned that Sul used an editor known as quest and his strong coding skills to make his map extra special. One of his effects that I find myself appreciating more and more everytime I see it is the ArghRad gourad shading that has been applied to every face in Sul's map. It makes everything look smoothed over for some beautiful organics and pipes that appear to have a few hundred sides (I still can't believe that there's just 8 sides). Sul also used a map editing program that not many people are aware of. It's called Quest and from what I've seen produced by quest and my own little dabbling in the program it appears very powerful. There are many visual effects Sul uses which could benefit every mapper that studies them.

Gameplay is more than a treat on Temple of Sseleman. His gloom entity placement is perfect. Once you spawn as human you can either help the engy move base, or leap right into the action via a nearby sewer pipe and begin munching spider hide. Spiders base is split up so there are no instant wins for the humans (unless they're lucky, or very well coordinated). Sul didn't stop there though, he also provided us with many base relocation points, each of which will change the gameplay for both teams making the variety on this map endless. There is no dominant class or race on Sul's map, it's all very fair, and very action packed. My new dream for Gloom is to see another map as well built as Sseleman.

That's the end of my review. 4 cubes, 5 stars, 100%, and a smiley face =). It just doesn't get any better than this folks.

User comments:
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I RATE THIS MAP, ZERO!fantabular. - Kain

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Average rating for Temple of Sseleman: 7.3/10


Total: 94 ratings
Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Can you say better than [id] quality? I can, and I will. All the textures were well chosen, he held fast to texture themes and all of the textures were perfectly aligned. I can't put this map's texture superiority into words...

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Layout, was absolutely perfect. Not only are there many rooms, but many paths between these rooms. Everything was put together logically as well. It's a fantastic layout.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Fortress, Hills, Caves, and Sewers, they were all done very creatively. I was impressed with the variation of landscapes, but even more amazed by the seamless connections between each.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: I can't see myself giving a better score to any other map in the near future. I'd give Sul 5 cubes if I thought they'd fit.
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