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Review of Temple of Sseleman
"I dont understand how the r_speeds of this map work either"
Map Name   Temple of Sseleman (sseleman-d.bsp)
Map Version   1.3
Map Author   Sul
Web page   Click here.
Download   gloom13full.exe (1.3mb)
Reviewer   ValouR
Reviewed on   Mon May 22 11:10:22 2000
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

Well first thing to say about Sseleman-C is how damn good it looks, every surface outside is curvy and lovely, the lighting is perfect and there are many little features to stare aimlessly at while a breeder lays a spiker up your ass.

Next thing to say?
Well i guess it has to be how good this map is to play Wraith on, there are plenty of air-lift spots for safer nests and lots of higher ledges for a wraith to retreat too when needed. Although I cant think of a class that doesnt play well on this map, except maybe drones and stingers whose weak armour makes the long walk into the upper level of the temple dangerous and shock troopers who aren't suited to range attacks.

Another great thing about this map is that both sides have a much better place to build a base than the original ones close to their spawns which means engi's and breeders dont have to put up with the 5 minute rushers as they try to build up defences.

One of the few problem with this map is the long distance hatchys have to cover if they want to attack, some people see this as an advantage of the map as it encourages base defence and breeder cover, but most people want frags and points so they can claim to be ""winners" when the timelimit is hit.
The only other problem is that the two spiders bases are easily destroyed by a single exterminator, unless a spider can accumilate enough frags for a guardian odds are on the exterminator.

Summary: This map rocks ! its just a pain if your a breeder and your team are more interested in getting early frags (or making suicidal attempts on camping humans as i put it) than defending you and the base.

User comments:
Great map all around. Sul's organic brushwork is astounding. - The Pyro
I swear Sul rigs the map poll so his map gets played all the time:P - Saig
Sucks, f00! - Devil Warrior
love the 4 way w/ the tunnel... the 4-way FRAG MACHINE 0wnz0rz! - Carcinogen
That one high ledge on the mountains near one of the sewer exits is a cam... - [CARGO] [more]
Im SO tired of this map! You loser newbies need some originality!! - Saig-2
I agree with Valour on this map... bieng a breeeder is difficult w... - {DaRk}Defiler [more]
Great setup! Dank sewer for the aliens, well lit fortress for the humans. - SpY
I wish I could spell gorgeus...gorgeous? AHA !!! - ValouR

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Average rating for Temple of Sseleman: 7.3/10


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Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: a few perfect custom textures and the Q2 textures are implemented faultlessly.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: From a breeders point of view (ie mine) this map is a bit of a nightmare, both sides usually move base asap.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: OMG !
anyone with a monitor cannot deny this map a single GMD creativity cube, its bloody gorgeus.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: As with all Sul's maps it makes gloom look like another generation of the Q2 engine, there are few problems but they do make a difference.
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