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Review of Infested Slideways
"Cool and original"
Map Name   Infested Slideways (slideways_g.bsp)
Map Version   13. 6. 1999
Map Author   Eyegore
Download (1.2mb)
Reviewer   Dark Rogue[KA]
Reviewed on   Sun Mar 5 15:10:26 2000

Ok I'll be the first to say my maps aren't the hottest stuff out there. I don't claim to be the god of map makers I'm a novice if anything since my architecture is usually plain and simple and functional. Simply put I could rate slideways as a gloom map but honestly for an overall score I couldn't give it 1 point. It's architecture is great, its texturing is great however the gameplay isn't for a gloom battle. slideways_g if anything is a novelty map. "What's a novelty map?" you wonder well in the quaking community there are maps designed for your average screwing around, they're not designed for actual gameplay. For instance shotg was a map designed to hone ones weapons use. You picked your weapon and practiced shooting freefalling insanes. Slideways_g is a racing novelty: "Ooooh watch a stalker fly!" "Let's race!" that's all I heard from the human team today (June 17th) on onecalls. God forbid the map be playable.

User comments:
Are you a morion??? Slideways is dark and spiders aren't screwed they all... - BobSyth [more]
I can see why this has 2 other reviews, yours sucks you whore bag chuckle head! - Ranger

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Average rating for Infested Slideways: 6.1/10


Total: 38 ratings
Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: No misaligned textures as far as I could see everything flowed well.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Futuristic race track, nifty but has some clipping problems.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Race track and control areas with what appears to be stands for watchers. Nifty idea


Comment: No area is truly dark so the spiders are screwed on this point, even the spider start area is well lit so I seen little if any use of the flashlight. Bandstand buildings/hummie area - with a brisk minute walk hummies are atop a high sheltered ledge that makes the gloom3 ledge look like castle made out of wet paper bags. Teles on the very inside are shielded from kamis and stalker spikes, too high to toss spike grenades or spores. Bonus again for hummies major anal reaming for spiders again. Size of the map - Yes infestedforts was large and gave opportinities for other smaller bases that could go un-noticed without a proper sweeping of base to base. This map however is too large and awkward to sweep. The side passages through the central area plus the sheer size of the outter race area is just impossible to throughly get to before something slips by add in the fact if you've got any speed going in the race slots you'll have all of 2 seconds to realize an enemy just passed you before you can slow down enough to turn that time the enemy is gone or has backup that makes you wish you had kept going. It sucks for matches, great if all you want to do is mess around and waste time.
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