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Review of Infested Slideways
"Need a rush? Like the sight of cratering Guardians? Here is your map..."
Map Name   Infested Slideways (slideways_g.bsp)
Map Version   13. 6. 1999
Map Author   Eyegore
Download (1.2mb)
Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Tue Feb 26 20:16:26 2002
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

Oh god this is such a great map. Infested Slideways is a map where people can throw their anal-retentive attitudes into the trash and just fucking enjoy themselves. You dont have to play a serious game on this map to enjoy it. The one reason behind this logic is because of the "Slideways". The wonderful slideways that allow you to reach rediculous speeds and launch yourself into the stratosphere. Anyway, enough, on with the review. Im a bit rusty, but Ill see if I have any juice left.

First of all, the brushwork here is decent. Not too shabby for a fairly old map, especially the outdoor and track areas. The interiors arent as spectacular, besides the room with the fucked up liquid walls. Its mesmerizing in some way, I dont know why. The textures stuck to a basic Quake2-ish theme, but there isnt a lot of detail in some of those hallways. Plus if those hallways are going to be that devoid of places for Spiders to take cover behind, there should be a certain degree of darkness to the area. Unfortunately not, so its Spider-Romp throughout most of the level.

This also affects the layout. All the wide open areas and clean hallways just give Humans the utmost advantage. The slideways, though, are the main focal point of the layout. It is not only needed for traversing this rather large level, but its a hell of a lot of fun to slide down as well. The intense speeds you can achieve on the slideways can get your adrenaline pumping, especially if youre being persued by an enemy, or just racing against your fellow Gloomers. Of course, nothing is without its faults. You can crater easily if you hit the track slope too fast, namely because it chucks you into the atmosphere, resulting in a fresh salsa gibbing once you hit the ground. Though, watching some idiot Guardian soar through the air and crack in half upon impact with the ground is more than enough to satisfy my sadistic urges for enjoyment in a game. Anyway, back to the layout. Aside from the track, the interior areas are your basic fare of confusing hallways and doors. Every hallway somehow leads you back to the track anyway, so you might be running around in circles literally.

As for the r_speeds, I was immensely surprised to see them stay so damn low. This applies mainly to the large outdoor areas with the platforms, tracks, and meshed ground. Sure, tossing in a few game models will chop it up a bit, but thats just how its gonna be. Once the track hits the tunnels, there are enough twists and turns to prevent seeing too far into the visplane, so I suppose Ill give a good deal of credit to the author (Eyegore) for that. Say, that reminds me, what ever happened to that old fart anyway? Bah, nevermind.

I really probably shouldnt give this the Seal of Approval, namely because its not a serious map. But, since its so damn fun to just fuck around on Infested Slideways, I WILL give it the Seal of Approval. I mean, just about everyone enjoys themselves on this map. The only people who wont enjoy this map are people who want to end the game as fast as they possibly can, because other players tend to like toying around on this map, so they dont take kindly to some cheesedick ruining the real fun. Oh well. Final word? Grab this map and keep it around for those rare occasions that an admin boots it up on the server. Ok its not THAT rare that it happens, but it doesnt happen every day either. Ahhhh where did Eyegore go to....

User comments:
that is the most horrible review I've ever read - HOB
always fun with the new hatchie velocity-damage code, hit that button and gi... - R1CH [more]
*kicks HOB* that was a good review Saig. - Ranger
saig, i know what u mean about cheesedicks ruining fun *cough* bloodtree *cough* - MajorPain
Im glad you took the time to read it then HOB! Did I get the point across? - Saig
Decent map, not my style though .. - Elessar
This map is the greatest, ahahaha - my penis
*Thumbs up* - Cataclaw
It's so hard to organize an actual race, but it's worth trying in small games - Norfenstein

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Cube Cube Cube

Comment: The textures were basic, mostly unaligned, but turned out well because you are usually flying so fast down the slideways that you wont even notice a misaligned texture really. The room with the liquid ceilings is pretty trippy though, and you might get busted staring at it for a while.

Cube Cube

Comment: Kind of a gamble on where youre going half the time. Its fun in its own way. A lot of stuff looks the same, so its hard to remember where the hell you are. Just stick on the tracks and have fun. There are a few places to relocate, and most of the hallways are bare and open, making this an open-season-on-spiders map.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Fuck yea! This is a one of a kind map here folks. Sure, ok so playing a serious game on here isnt TOTALLY out of the question, but its kind of pointless if you ask me.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Cmon! Its slideways. Cant beat that rush of adrenaline you get right after launching your Stalker 500ft through the air and squashing that Mech by accident. No Ive never seen it happen, but if anyone demos it, send it here. :D
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