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Review of Outpost at Sigma Draconis
"The execution leaves some to be desired"
Map Name   Outpost at Sigma Draconis (outpost1.bsp)
Map Version   13. 5. 1999
Map Author   ShadowMan
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Reviewer   Ding
Reviewed on   Mon Mar 6 14:09:46 2000

Ok, I've never done this before, so bear with me. The only reason I'm really doing is to warn people of the monstrocity called... Outpost At Sigma Prime... (can you tell in which direction this review is headed?)

Ok, so the concept is original, I'll give you that. The execution leaves some to be desired. Lets start with the human base itself. It doesn't have a ceiling. While this is supposed to help spiders get to the spawns it only created some HORRIBLE r_speeds. Somewhere between 2500 and autrocity. Now, it might run well on a, say, P3 Xeon, but for the rest of us it will cause some major slowdowns. I get like 5 fps on that map. Now, I suspect the reason the author left the roof out is to give spiders an easier way into the base. But spiders have even less luck getting over the laser fence. The author should have just placed teles on a platfor suspended above the map. Lasers in Q2 can be blocked by various objects and entities. That means an engineer can block the lasers with a turret and sneak by while its destroyed. The result? Every teleporter turreted and a lot of pissed-off bugs. That's bad. Then... there is an alarm in the human base that does nothing but annoy everyone. I mean, when you see a bug running around your base (hah, I kill myself!) you kill it - not run for the alarm. As long as were covering all the points in this review, there is a bug in this map. Sometimes the game just stops. People say it's because a dead body falls on a teleporter, I don't. Well, whatever it is - it's annoying.

User comments:
Way to go Ding! Um...who gave this map a 10?? Idiots! THIS MAP STINKS! - Saig
Uh, gee... thanks... Nice to feel appreciated. - ShadowMan
Weird map, like a mission map. I just can't find a way to spider base. ... - TriDragon [more]
You guys are no fun. Good map, just not entirely playable. Rocks for LAN pa... - Onaji [more]
it cud be a good map, if the alien teleports would stop bugging :( - kryb
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Cube Cube

Comment: from what I've seen, they're not bad at all.


Comment: give me a ceiling and vis this POS!

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: alright, it's creative! Horrid implementation, though.


Comment: It's a shame that you can't give negative scores, huh?
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