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Review of Arachniphobia
"Looks nice, plays bad"
Map Name   Arachniphobia (arachnid.bsp)
Map Version   12. 3. 1999
Map Author   JexJackL
Web page   Click here.
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Reviewer   ValouR
Reviewed on   Wed Mar 8 12:58:25 2000

Let this map play on your senses.
It looks great, it feels great, it smells great.
All the rooms look fantastic and non of them out of place.


The level design is good, playable and unbiased until you reach the spiders base. This area lets the whole map down. Although it looks really, really, good its just too easy for grunt(s) to rush in at the start of the game and prevent any form of breeding.

In my opinion this is the best looking gloom map (yet).

The spiders base is just too difficult to defend so this map only gets 50% from me.

User comments:
This map is cool it has the real effect that ur on a ship defending... - Crash228[UoA] [more]
Great looks...but r_speeds are kinda high and layout is a bit odd... - Saig
Love the pipes, should be a sequel. - Death
well i cant see the full textures and did u make full textures for ... - age_icestorm2 [more]
hi my name is dong - dong

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Average rating for Arachniphobia: 6.1/10


Total: 46 ratings
Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Wow, this map looks as good as they come. The brush lighting really helps and the textures are just about perfect throughout.


Comment: The spiders base is one of the easiest to camp.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Creating those textures earns you 4/4. The idea of a pipe network between the bases re-enforces this.

Cube Cube

Comment: Great atmosphere, looks brilliant, just isn't anywhere to breed defences.
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