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Review of The Rage
"Look Mr.Camper stop complaining its too easy"
Map Name   The Rage (rage.bsp)
Map Version   21. 2. 1999
Map Author   CastorTroy
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Reviewer   ValouR
Reviewed on   Tue Mar 7 12:35:03 2000


The best thing about this map is the layout. I like the routes between the bases and the way you can change between them in many places. This is a map where you can hunt a human (if you get out of your own base).
I also like the plain, colourless lighting and the tall corridors it makes them negotiable as a hatchling and still easy to sneak by a grunt if necesary (being grey and harder to see under dark white lighting).

But the spiders base is really easy to camp. Anyone can stand outside and spray a clip of autogun rounds under the door as it opens. I am really glad I didn't get the chance to play this map while the HT had a mortar otherwise this review could have gotten ugly.
Also the eggs are difficult to defend against a commando or exterm who charges into the base, jumping over spikershots and leaving a trail of nasty grenades. Having said this I haven't played rage with gassers so I wont let it affect the score I give.

This map doesn't look too hot and has a really bad spiders base but I still like it. Its good to play spiders on, if you can get out of your own base.

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Comment: Variety is the spice of life, and this tastes like stale bread.


Comment: I like this map, but the spiders base is a well designed camping spot.

Cube Cube

Comment: Nothing bad. I like the tall and thin feel (non inuendo, well not the thin part).

Cube Cube

Comment: I like this map, sorry I can't help it. I like the dark tall corridors and the many possible routes between bases but it is campable.
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