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Review of Bitter
"the layout just killed the map"
Map Name   Bitter (bitter.bsp)
Map Version   4. 2. 1999
Map Author   CastorTroy
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Reviewer   Reaper-1
Reviewed on   Mon Mar 6 14:15:17 2000

Bitter, what can I say? Today many newbies don't even have to deal with this map. I'm not going to say much about this map, I like to write about what's good in a map, there's not much of that in this map though. I won't say that EVERY game goes bad here. But about 80% of them do go bad and I'd much rather be wasting my time on some other gloom map. Now Castor Troy can map better than this, if you look closely at bitter you'll notice the entity and brush placement that hints at a good mapper, but the layout just killed the map. I'm sorry Castor Troy, but this is the first map that I can't rate very well.

User comments:
Bitter 0wns j00 all!!! Stop disrespecting the great map! - Anonymous
0wns j00 all!!! Damn right. Make those spiders get off their asses a... - Anonymous 2 [more]
Bitter is GOOD! - KosH
Bitter is all time best map! - Bestmapreviewer
Agree totally with reaper-1 -- bitter sucks major ass. - seyton
Bitter is not worth the hard disk space, delete it immediately. - ValouR
It took me a while to find the sweetness of this map, but there are no ot... - MuadDib [more]
2 words:suck ass - gingerman
I agree with MaudDib... it often went unspoken but every spider felt a s... - Reaper-1 [more]
THIS LEVEL FUCKING SUCKS!! You Pro-Bitter hippies should be SHOT!! - Saig
0wns j00 all!!!!!! - Devil Warrior
pollocks troy could do a better job... - teehee
Oh... This map so advantegous to the hummies. It just sucks. - Azekiel
Woot! Go Bitter!!!! - Devwar
Bitter rules. - Boter
With good players on each team, this map makes for a great game. As long a... - Damien [more]
Bitter is just fine - Krybosis
This map suck ass....seriusly - G-Wolf
The only thing better than bitter, is better than ezra. - Postman Pat

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Average rating for Bitter: 4.9/10


Total: 76 ratings
Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: I really can't say anything bad about the textures, they all aline, they all fit the theme.


Comment: This is the part that everyone has a problem with. The only reason a game would ever last longer than 5 minutes here is if there's a 5 minute rule being enforced.


Comment: A room, A room, A hallway. The door on the human base was the most creative thing I found, sorry.


Comment: He held to all the map rules for this map but you need more than that to make a good map. Castor Troy can obviously map well, this is just not a prime example of that.
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