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Review of Titan Outpost
"Piece of Shit"
Map Name   Titan Outpost (caves2.bsp)
Map Author   Nervous-END-
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Reviewer   DarkHalo
Reviewed on   Mon Mar 6 14:07:04 2000


*sigh* This does not deserve to be put on my Piece of Shit list... it's that bad... The spider base was like PITCH BLACK and I had a hard time getting out. And the human base looked like a McDonalds™ playpen, with matching garage doors :| There were some air ducts that were also pitch black. And one more thing.... If spiders can't even find the way out of there base, well if you do your blindly going where you think the door is.... then the map sucks. This map is an atrocity.

You can flame me all you want this was a terrible map, what did you do spend 5 mins on it?

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Average rating for Titan Outpost: 4.3/10


Total: 24 ratings

Comment: The human base looked like a playpen!!!!


Comment: Terrible


Comment: He threw shit together...


Comment: A BIG FAT zero. This was so bad that it makes the NM Gloom maps look good....
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