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Review of Deserted
"many interesting features"
Map Name   Deserted (deserted-r1.bsp)
Map Version   r1
Map Author   Saig
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Reviewer   Reaper-1
Reviewed on   Mon Mar 6 14:17:20 2000
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

I just can't help myself, I loved this map from the first time he let me look at a test compile. I must say, not a poly was wasted, not a texture was mis-used, I love it all, there's a lot of good thought, and strong flow here.

First off let's look at the eye candy. He's got quite a few interesting things to point out that go above and beyond the standards in todays mapping world. He made great use of every original Q2 texture he could find and attempted to make it as real as possible for us. Now when someone explains it as "an abandoned complex" it sounds, well quite frankly, pretty damn boring. However from the second you spawn you realize this is going to be a great game. If you're human you open your eyes to a high tech, yet rural room. It's large beam overhead projects the feeling of insignificance and you immediately go on your way to the split enterance to confront your enemy. However if you're spider you spawn in a nice out-of-the-way area that's dank, dark, and would make any spider feel snug as a bug in a rug. As you make your way out of your hole on your way to kill that new spawned lump of flesh you can't help but be proud of the spiders who came before you that did such a nice job of putting this cellar out of commission.

I do believe I've already written way too much but there is more to the map. SaigF0ck provides us with many base relocation points (though they're seldom used). Any race with a good breeder/engy could survive til timelimit if they simply relocate. There are many different rooms, knooks, and crannies to be explored here and can potentially save your life. I have one reccomendation to make for the breeder/engy: Yes, it's a lot more fun to stack up to all these wonderful relocation points but SaigF0ck has also provided you with many well hidden relocation areas and ground level, before you go wasting the first 5 minutes of the game on stacking I suggest you put at least one spawn in one of these seldom visited areas. We find many interesting features about the general gameplay for every unit on this map. I've noticed there are no large sections that are easily dominated by one race. There's one area that's easy for humans to keep, but it's right next to an area that's easy for spiders to keep, which makes for some very interesting and very long battles. Oh dear I do believe I've gone and written too much again. I suppose I needed to get some reviews out of my system.

Many people could be led to believe that I'm getting soft when it comes to reviewing maps or what have you, the truth is that I've become a lot more critical of maps and I intend to do a lot more bitching, but on this map there's just not anything to bitch about. I give it an +A, 100% SUPER CUBE!

User comments:
I enjoyed making it, and I hope you enjoy it! - Saig
Ehehe, I Love This Map, And I Love Saig :) - Who
I love the map, I love Saig, and I love Who. God bless us, every one...... - Reaper-1 [more]
llooks like a 1 - mike
Yes mike, and youre a dick in the mashed potatoes.... - Saig-2

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Total: 33 ratings
Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: No miss-alignements, all the faces met well and we well chosen, it was a nice theme that fit the architecture.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: A very original layout, there were stacking spots and most of the map was fairly well interconnected.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: He had excellent organics, some VERY interesting green lighting [=)], and a well assembled base put in logical order.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: I've always said everyone should try to map like Sul and apparantly SaigF0ck took my advice, this place is great fun and wish I could give out more cubes...
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