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Review of Infested Pump Station
"The look of this map is wonderful"
Map Name   Infested Pump Station (gloom3a.bsp)
Map Author   Lifer
Download (2.11mb)
Reviewer   Reaper-1
Reviewed on   Mon Mar 6 14:17:43 2000
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

Ah Infested Pump Station. It's one of those maps that takes me back to "the day" when gloom had about 10 maps total. The good news is that this was one of the great maps. I still never get bored of this map. Thought most likely coincedental, I'm sure I'm not the only one that's noticed the increased amount of coordination between teams in this map. Maybe it's the size, maybe it's the layout, or maybe it's just because players are too afraid to venture to the other base alone "Hold me," "Only if you hold me..." -Simpsons-

The look of this map is wonderful. It has all the elements that I, personally, like to see in a Quake map. It's Dark, Ominous, and the structure makes it seem as if any sound would reverberate through the halls, it can be an eerie map indeed when you're not fraggin/getting fragged. Textures were well applied, I found no misalignments, I also liked small details such as the catwalk. One thing I found funny was that there was no pump in the Infested pump station until the second release. The human base was also done well, I'm always impressed when someone can make a good connection between a building, and an organic area.

The game play equals the look on this map. It's good. I've never gotten bored of Infested Pump Station, it has everything that makes a gloom game good. Multiple floors, multiple routes, multiple relocation points. Are we sensing a pattern here? It seems that every map that has tons of features also has good gameplay. With the revision came 2 more relocation routes and a less direct route to the Spider base. Where before Commandos could easily end the game via the side route they now must choose the long back way and risk being discovered, or join an assault on the front entrance. Spiders are also met with great numerous obstacles to overcome, namely the many doors (Yes a door slows you down and increases your chances of being killed, try it.) Games tend to last longer on this map and that's a good thing.

Overall I like this map, it's very pleasing to the eye and very shaggable--er... playable.

User comments:
I love it,I love it, I want more of it! - Fire Wind
Nice look, but games arent really that fun; ive never caught myself giv... - Grytviken [more]
I also agree with grytviken.... games aren't that fun for some reason.... - {DaRk}Defiler
A classic (all that needs to be said) - Godmil
Map needs to DIE. - Echon

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Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Textures were aligned, held to theme, and used appropriately.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: I love this layout, you have ample relocation points, strong starting bases, and the routes between bases intersect and make your opponent's routes less predictable.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: The overall idea and texture theme has been seen many times. But there are many very original aspects to make up for it so this area receives a 3.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: This map packs a lot of good variety despite it's size. I love what Lifer did with this.
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