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Review of Gloom 101
"small and quaint but well made"
Map Name   Gloom 101 (gloom101.bsp)
Map Author   Llurk
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Reviewer   DarkHalo
Reviewed on   Sun Mar 5 14:15:49 2000

Gloom101 was a well made map, small and quaint but well made. The author seemed to take his time in creating this map. Obviously once you play this map you will see it was not made for more than 4v4 in my opinion. The map had only 1 way into each base and an area that seemed to be accesible only to spiders (via grapple).

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WHAT IS IT DOING ON 20v20 ONECALL HUH!????!!!?!?! - Ranger

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Average rating for Gloom 101: 4.3/10


Total: 38 ratings
Cube Cube

Comment: Flowed smoothly.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: I'll give him credit on the way he put it all together.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Once again he did a fine job of putting ideas together and churning out a good small map.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Nice map worthy of a 'B' grade.
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