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Review of Gloom 2 Classic
"Good map let down only by a choke point"
Map Name   Gloom 2 Classic (gloom2.bsp)
Map Author   Rex/WhiteNoiz
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Reviewer   JexJackL
Reviewed on   Sun Mar 5 14:32:33 2000
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

This map is already known for it's lack of strategic gameplay. In crowded games, due to the single entrance/exit in the human base, the gameplay chokes up causing a lot of spamming and endless standoffs. This one flaw in the design is what makes games on this map go so utterly wrong, and yet the interesting layout of the rest of the map can create some great battles if the game ever manages to move that direction. One other thing that effects gameplay on this map is the fact that each team's starting spawns are clumped together creating an easy target for explosive attacks, however there are sufficient hiding spots for more advantageous spawn placement available to each team.

On the technical side, there were also a few drawbacks apparent in this map. There is at least 1 door that is visible in the wall after it has opened. This is due to the fact that one of it's faces is sharing the same space with a face of the wall. Also, a small step in the human base, which should be easy to walk up, has a tendency to just slide you across it which at the wrong time can be a real annoyance.

I have found a lot of problems with the texturing on this map. I can find more problem textures almost than properly used ones. There are many poles with textures only half aligned, crates that are completely off, and an apparent lack of transition textures. Also, in many cases the textures don't fit to the pieces they're put on, or a texture gets chopped because the brush it's on ends. However there are also places were textures were used very well, but generally the overall appearance of the textures in this map was somewhat disappointing.

The lighting on this map seems somewhat inconsistent as most of the area around the spider base has very uninteresting lighting, whereas within the spider and human bases, and throughout most of the human side of the map the lighting takes an entirely different look creating some very interesting and creative effects that are sorely lacking in some other parts. I was especially impressed with the lighting decorating the interior of the human base. This showed great amounts of originality and helped add a lot to the ambience of the base. The human and spider bases both managed to achieve a great look which adds a lot of character to the map.

Another thing that helps add a lot of character to this map is the fact that as far as making interesting structures and eye candy, this map has a lot of detail put into it. Just the simple things put out of the way purely for visual effect are what add a lot to the appearance of this map. But despite this, the fact remains that gameplay suffers a lot in this map due to the endlessly camped choke point. It's too bad a thing like this has to ruin an otherwise good map.

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Comment: A lot of unalignments, and chopping. A bit "thrown together" looking.


Comment: A lot of interesting layout throughout most of the map, but the choke point kills it.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Plenty of creativity around the map, lots of detail which gives great environment

Cube Cube

Comment: Despite it's downfalls, this map has an amazing feel to it, and with proper teams can still be enjoyable.
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