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Review of Crisis at Ice Station 8
"Crisis being the operative word"
Map Name   Crisis at Ice Station 8 (icestation8.bsp)
Map Version   12/03/99
Map Author   Darkhawk
Download (1.9mb)
Reviewer   ValouR
Reviewed on   Tue Mar 7 11:46:51 2000

The thing I love about this map is the sheer quality of textures.
Green Lava, Muddy waterfalls into clean pools, "ice", "rocks" etc....
The lighting isn't terrible, neither is the placement of the healer (yes I am trying to fill a rather large review box)

I also LOVE the features in this map:

The waterfall with instant death trap pool at its base. Any Stingers, Guardians, Stalkers or Mechs that go into the apparently shallow pool are stuck for the rest of time.
The laser that warms up the surrounding area (quality) and of course the lifts.
The user friendly (there goes my arm) instagib, entity fall through design and complete lack of protection make them my favourite feature in any gloom map.
The quality ice tunnel, the laser, the completely pointless room underground with no possible entrance except for the laser mine thing.
The vents, how original, and a whole 2 rooms with entrances to the vents.

This map is not bad, until you attempt to play gloom on it. The only spider class that stands a chance is the wraith, and even then only if its not "cold".

User comments:
A map that shouldnt have even been CONSIDERED to be made. - Saig
All i have to say is crappy, crappy, crappy. - gingerman
Its pretty cool - Macinroe
Where is the fire for my marshmellows :)? - Knuckles
I think the texturing is quite good but the map does lack in gameplay. - Krybosis

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Average rating for Crisis at Ice Station 8: 3.2/10


Total: 40 ratings

Comment: The "ice" looks very nice in halflife (open it in wally and you'll see what I mean) but in Quake2 it looks like my little brothers disney wallpaper.


Comment: A hatchy loses nearly all its health trying to get to the humans base thanks to the quality "cold". The bases are incredibly easy to camp as humans. Spiders are maimed by lifts.

Cube Cube

Comment: Ummm, lifts consist of one square brush. "Cold" I guess is creative? The laser drill thing is "pretty".


Comment: Neither a bad idea or terribly made. Just full of annoying textures and "features".
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