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Review of Crash Landing at S7 Power Station
"Interesting layout, and a hefty load of gameplay gimmicks....yet a bit dull...."
Map Name   Crash Landing at S7 Power Station (crash_final_fix.bsp)
Map Version   Final - 3/31/2001
Map Author   Llurk
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Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Thu Jul 27 03:44:56 2000
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

Crash Landing at Sector Seven Power Station (quite a mouthful) is an exceptional level from Gloom locale "Llurk". The map is filled with many gameplay elements, and even some urgent goals that need to be accomplished in order to survive (or hope to rather).

The architecture is quality compared to the other levels I've seen in Gloom lately. Very nice indoor details and lighting...but the outdoor area looks a bit blockish. The ship through the rock wall, however, was a nice touch that added to the overall theme of the level....y'know...crash landing and all that jazz...

The layout is very easy to learn. Just a few hallways and back routes to figure out, and you're set to hunt down your favorite race. While Llurk did provide many ways around the level, games always turn out in deadlocks...mostly with Spiders"Blocking in" the Humans. One sneaky Human can slip out, run through the convienient back hallway right to the Spider base, and nuke the eggs. Its a great feeling of achievement, and you'll be glad that Llurk threw that in. Anyway, there are'nt really that many relocation spots, besides the obvious outdoor cliff area. It is relatively easy to pick out spawns throughout the indoor portion of the level, so easter egg hunts are over quick..

Now, the real kicker to this map is the sequence of events it follows. There's an actual theme to the map, and it really does match with the name of the map! Amazing! Apparently, a Human ship is crashing (Im a bit rusty, I might get this wrong), and they pick up a distress beacon at this crumbly old power station. So, what better to do than beam down some engineers and make a base, then exterminate the threat? Sounds good. Marines and Engineers are beamed down via teleporters to the station, and begin their cleansing routine. After 5 minutes have passed, the ship finally crashes, along with all the spawning teleporters onboard, leaving the Humans with a clean slate and a big ol' cliffy outdoor area. Yet, they don't really have enough points to make a well built heres where the goal segment is worked into the map. Humans have to reach a button deep in the spider nest to activate the power reactor at the station and recieve more building points. Well, usually it only takes one fleet-footed grunt to nab that switch...but sometimes the Spiders will put up an effort to stop you at all costs. Things can get quite hectic during any part of this level....

Yes, this level sounds good so far, but don't go thinking it's the pinnacle of Gloom maps. The one problem that bugs players on this map is the fact that the Spiders can win it so damn easily. All they have to do is camp, er "guard" (bullshit) the teleporters and decapitate anything that materializes on those 3 pads. Its especially bad if a Guardian is let loose in that small room. Game over right when that ship crashes, garaunteed. Yet, most of the time it just ends up with a deadlock between the two races....Humans stuck on the cliffs, and Spiders swarming the much larger station. While this doesnt ALWAYS happen, its the average turnout.

Gripes aside, Crash Landing at S7 Power Station is a dynamite level. Great play elements etched into an average layout, with some great looking visuals to boot. Its a bit unfair for the Humans sometimes, but mostly it is their fault for falling back into their own base like cowards, instead of actually advancing and taking out anything they see. Anyway, check this map out if you're looking for a map with a bit of flavor. The crash is pulled off wonderfully, and sets a state of emergency for the Human team...which can be a really fun experience while on either of the races.

User comments:
you left out the show-stopping teleport bug... - grytviken
It would be nice if there was an audio cue to alert unsuspecting engineer... - ThePyro [more]
Gryt, if I put that in, then all the newbies would want to know how to do it.... - Saig
Nice map, but i don't like those grey pannel walls, they are dumb. - Ranger
7275 - Arbhand.kumar

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Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Nice use of textures here. A lot of good alignment throughout, especially in the spider base. Lighting was great as well...

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: The layout is very good. Kind of basic, but many paths intertwine to provide handy ways around the level. One gripe, its a bit confined in some areas...

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: The whole "5 Minute Ship Crash" idea was very creative. The fact that it opens up a new place to build, however, is a very inventive idea. The power switch for extra building points is also very original. Many gimmicks thrown in that actually support the gameplay of the map...good show...

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Crash is a great level, but it doesnt seem like its really all that fun at times. It's very campable, and also a bit one sided once Guardians are firmly planted at doorways..(then again, isn't that how every map is now?). Nice job Llurk..
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