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Review of Crash Landing at S7 Power Station
"Humans must escape to the power station before their ship crashes"
Map Name   Crash Landing at S7 Power Station (crash_final_fix.bsp)
Map Version   Final - 3/31/2001
Map Author   Llurk
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Reviewer   Spork
Reviewed on   Sun Mar 5 14:49:05 2000
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

Basically humans start out in a crashing space ship and must teleport down to the Power Station on the planets surface, entering in a nice semi-dark room, in which are some nicely made tele-destinations and a large window looking out side. The spiders start near the generator (which is really neat looking) in a rather bright area I am sad to say, but its got plenty of spikers, so that levels it out:). The only bad thing is that if the humans can get some grunts positioned they can hold the spiders down, but that rarely happens because it requires team wark, but from the spiders base you have about three ways to get to the humans entrance points quickly.

While this may piss some people off, it actually does the team good because humans must get some grunts out first so the engys can build. What ever makes dumb ass humans go on defense has got to be good, right? The bad thing is that if the spiders are all lamers they can just camp the teles for the first 5 minutes and after that, good bye humans.

Speaking of Five minutes, thats what makes this map so damned original, after 5 minutes your original spawns are destroyed when the ship crashes, which also breaks open two ways out side, which has some nice tele building spots and the front part of the crashed ship is stickign out of the rock (which looks kick ass, BTW).

All of the map is, as I've said, built very well, that of course tells us that Llurk did alot of practicing before hand (or he may have released maps for other stuff before this, not sure. If so kick me for it later). So I'm impressed, fuckin' awsome Llurk:).

I, for one, am looking forward to Llurks next release, as I hope all of you are as well. Those who don't have this map, get it now.

*stamp-stamp* GMD approved.

These are just my opinions, and you may disagree if you wish, but anyone that wants to E-Flame me about it shall be Pounced. Thank you, have a nice day

User comments:
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Average rating for Crash Landing at S7 Power Station: 6.2/10


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Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: While being a bit bland on their own, the soft blue lighting in the brighter areas do them well and are almost as good in the darker areas. They are all aligned correctly and used well with no breaks in the over all 'theme'. Four Stars.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: This maps layout puts humans at a slight disadvantage, making it so spiders can easily get into a 'human raping' position. But, this also makes the map more fun, as humans must actually defend the base for the first five minutes or they lose. This may piss some people off but I think it was a good idea and while I've played some frustrating games on this map, I have also played some own ass ones too. So it works in my opinion. Four stars.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Kick ass. This is one of the most original maps for gloom out there...the crashin' is a great touch, the 'power restoring' button is just plain cool and the way you get out side is neat. All are pulled off flawlessly and should be an example to others, seriously. Four cubes, but for christ sakes Llurk, those doors are a bitch;)

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: For a first release this is a great map, the only real problem is the layout, as not all humans are smart enough to defend their bases but I love it. Four cubes, Great job.
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