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Review of Infested Ruins
"An interesting map, with a good idea that sadly didn't quite work"
Map Name   Infested Ruins (ruinsb.bsp)
Map Author   Llurk
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Reviewer   DarkHalo
Reviewed on   Sun Mar 5 15:04:54 2000

My first hopes for this map was that it would look like those awesome ruins maps for Action Quake but I was wrong. The placement of objects was weird. I didn't feel I was in ruins at all. That's just my opinion tho. I guess it's not very obvious to me :)

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Worst. Review. Ever. - Anonymous

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Average rating for Infested Ruins: 4.3/10


Total: 43 ratings
Cube Cube Cube

Comment: I'm gonna add lighting into this catagory... it didn't fit in some places..

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: It wasn't very obvious what the hell it was :) Didn't look like ruins to me :|

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: I don't know what to say.. lot's of crates and high places.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Good map.. needs work :)
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