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Review of Infested Ruins
"some 'different' architecture on this good, but rarely played map"
Map Name   Infested Ruins (ruinsb.bsp)
Map Author   Llurk
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Reviewer   R1CH
Reviewed on   Wed Aug 23 07:17:49 2000
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

Well this is the first review after Gamespy's little "incident", I'm hoping my script won't self destruct when I press Submit...

Anyway, on to Infested Ruins. After deciding onecall needed a map cycle update I went through my gloom maps directory looking for strange or obscure maps that hadn't been played in a while, and this came up. When it was made is beyond me... I think this map has been around gloom longer than me, but I'd never played on it.

After a quick load in single player to make sure it wasn't one of my "attempts" at mapping, I stuck it on onecall and found some quite good games to appear. Admittedly the corridors were kinda annoying, but the map boasts so much more stuff if you're willing to look for it.

There's water running through the level, crates(tm) [side note: ever notice how EVERY DAMNED GLOOM MAP HAS CRATES???? :)] and some nice dark and dangy areas for those drones and hatchies to hide in. The middle room however, is kinda bland and lacks decent texturing on the walls, and is kinda laggy due to it's open ness and high r_speeds. This is the only place on the map though that this happens, so it's not too bad.

The doors are nicely engineered, opening in 2 segments. It's not often you see detail like that make it into most new gloom maps, but little details like that make the difference. The lighting in the map is subtle and mostly ambient, colored lighting use is at a minimum (a good thing?)

Overall this is a good classic map that should be considered in with the new maps rotating round your favorite gloom server.

User comments:
I can tell you right now why the r_speeds are so high... I only fastvis'd t... - Llurk [more]
Yup, that'll do it every time. - The Pyro
Why do the Humans never have the balls to attack in this map? DARKNESS!! - Saig
I am stupid - HOB

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Average rating for Infested Ruins: 4.3/10


Total: 43 ratings
Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Texturing is fine, no obvious errors or out of place settings. Not quite a '4' due to the perhaps a little overuse of one specific texture, and not too varied.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: A sort of x shape with lots of hidden areas and lots of nice places to stack/mine jump to. Fair to both sides, although some areas are a little r_speedy.


Comment: Infested this, infested that... nothing terribly original in this map, especially the name...

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Infested Ruins is a fun and playable map, just because it is somewhat old doesn't mean it doesn't have to be played.
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