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Review of Homeworld I
"Gloom map or nature hike?"
Map Name   Homeworld I (gloom8.bsp)
Map Version   1.0
Map Author   Sul
Web page   Click here.
Download   ncluded in gloom 1.2 (5mb)
Reviewer   Grytviken
Reviewed on   Thu May 25 14:20:31 2000

It's beautiful, the most incredible looking map i've ever seen. Hell, it warents it's own damn mod for all the awsome things you get in this .bsp. But there is a slight problem. It's not a gloom map! Yes, it is played my many gloomers and yes, it does look incredible. But it wasn't designed for gloom. I sound kind of out of place. But think about the standards we use to design gloom maps. Homeworld just doesn't fit into the criteria. The games don't feel right, kinda like playing Age of Empires. The only real thing to do (as humans)is fortify your base and wait for an enemy to rear his ugly mug. You kill enough intruders and venture off into the wilderness. Either to kill all of their spawns in one shot, or get wasted in as much time as it took to say "como estas?". Sure you can breed/build but that job is reserved for one person. For the rest of us(spiders). We just run around the outskirts of the map picking of all the dumbass human grunts that dare venture away from their nice safe base. Well, enough Sul bashing, there are still some fun things to do while you wait for the time limit to hit.


-Explore, you are practicaly on a nature hike. Look around, there are many cool things lying around the wast wilderness.
-Bungee jumping. Nothing beats jumping of the edge as a hatchy to simply grapple on the side at the last minute. You can also do this as a wraith by flying. And as for humans...
-Suicide jumping. Nothing beats jumping of the edge as a grunt to simply fall too your death. Do this if there is a battle is going on you think you might lose, it really pisses em off.
-Breed/Build you've got a whole damn planet to build on, what are you waiting for?
-Swimming. This gloom map best known for swimming. The water get pretty deep at some points see if you can hit the bottom and make it back up in a single breath. Extra score for doing it in the slime pit as a grunt!
-Party! At 4 am with 6 people on onecall:24 organize fun party activities like: wraith lifting, breeder staking, mine jumping, Diving 300 feet into the slime pit, diving 2 miles into oblivion and of course... you might try playing gloom, though it might be hard.


Great example of excellent level editing, bad gloom map. If you want a better Sul map, I recommend sseleman-c

Flame me if you wish, no seal of approval... this is after all the GLOOM Map Depository.

User comments:
One thing I don't like: it's too difficult to get around in this map.Be... - The Pyro [more]
Its fun watching my framerate drop when I look at the ship full of humans! - Saig
Hahaha. I think this map was Sul's revenge against humans. - Blakhawk
I tend to find it way too easy to fall off that ledge near the hooman ship. - [CARGO]
This Map Is Very Cool And Sul Rox To Make Maps - Macinroe
You Wait... And You die. - [H'sM] GrimReaper
Wraith fun, drone fun, what more can ya ask for? - Grot
Its my favorite map. Now fuck off! - Millsy
Getting trapped in the waterfall and having grenades spammed thru the ho... - Insanity [more]
i LOVE jumping off the water fall, its soo fun. And the Ship is perfect! - Godmil

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Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: WOW! Sul is sure one to know his textures. The sand texture outside the hummie base looks like bump mapping! All them look fine and are used well. The sky texture is great too. The lighting is a bit curious but quite natural looking and never out-of-place.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: The humans start off with a medium sized space ship located on a cliff side with some caves leading inside. Spiders get a realitively good nest spot, but relocation is imminent. The map is very large and complex with many expansions and places to explore simply for the hell of it. It looks very nice and natural with tons of caves and a waterfall and many more goodies. I won't give all cubes, the reason is on the main review (in the middle)

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: One of the most far out maps that made it to this planet. The humman ship is so sweet, and it's got huge guns made to blast into the mountain side. The planet itself has so many cool things and areas to explore. You actually expect to find something new every time it loads.

Cube Cube

Comment: Fine textures and lighting, completely original and possibly the nicest looking thing to pop out of quake2.exe. But is it a gloom map?
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