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Review of Total Karnage
"Rather disturbing brushwork, but excellent gameplay.."
Map Name   Total Karnage (totalkarn.bsp)
Map Author   KarnagE
Download (1.14mb)
Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Mon Apr 3 16:25:26 2000
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

This is actually the first map I ever played on. Maybe thats why it sticks in my head as one of the best Gloom maps to date. I love the excellent flow and thought out design supplied here. Albeit the brushwork is sub-standard, it can be forgiven for the great gameplay that this map delivers.

Alas, nothing can be good without a bad side. The ledge above the Hangar is a supreme camping spot for Humans. Ive seen it dozens of times, and a lot of the players in the game, both Spider AND Human, get pissed off. A major choke point also plagues this level. The primary exit from the spider base is covered by bullet-spraying grunts seconds after the game loads up. The main intersection is a crucial point in winning the map however, so I can assume the actions taken to claim that area are justified (partly).

As for the actual brushwork used in the map, I can only say it is lower than average quality. Most of the level is built straight out of square brushes, which gives the level a somewhat...hmmm...whats the word...."Crappy" feel to it:P. On the plus side, the lighting provided is rather good. Karnage knows the rules of applying light to his levels, now he just needs to work a bit more with his brush techniques to really make quality levels.

The layout, theres nothing to be said. Its perfect for a game like Gloom. Dozens of places to relocate base provide long, enjoyable games for both teams. Well, that is unless you get kami-rushed...but thats a whole 'nother story. Getting around the map is quite easy, and so is learning the map's layout, thanks to plenty of different routes and hallways. Ahh, I am tiring of gloating about this map, so Ill leave it to you people to go play it and enjoy it.

User comments:
Reminds me of Lego... ;) - JexJackL
I can't loa it anymore for some reason. Shame, its one of my all time favorites. - Blakhawk
It's my all fav. - gingerman
Spiders end up winning this map most of the time...oh well.. - Saig
My fav map...I love this thing :P - a large cactu
Fun map, but the human base is ugly. If the humans could enter the spid... - The Pyro [more]
I like cheese - Jimmy
Oh ya? Well I don't like cheese but I am still stupid. - HOB
EXCELLENT map to drone on. NICE. - {iC}Chrono
q - q
Someone needs to make an SE version of this map... now! - Carcinogen
Hey dont EVEN look at me Carc. SE's arent my business. - Saig Again
Human base may cause for some HT camping, but all in good stalker spiking fun. - SpY
Pretty annoying always having the aliens camping in that outside spo... - Sheep.BAAA!! [more]
This is my favorite map ever, I do great with aliens on it :) - Brolli
This map is great, aliens own it HarDCorE - ColDFusioN
hydroxycut hydroxycut - hydroxycut

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Cube Cube

Comment: Texturing was decent. Although most of the level was unaligned, the choice in textures actually worked well..

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Superb! Base relocations, stacking spots, and extra routes supplied out of each team's base. Great connectivity throughout the level..

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: A large complex with indoor/ourdoor areas. Lots of little tidbits and eyecandy (although it looks rather ugly) are supplied to make the rooms feel alive. Nice work..

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Comment: A grand level, although it has its faults and weaknesses, it is still a great ride that only gets better with time..
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