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Review of Hive Colony Prime
"Ne0 XS's first GOOD map"
Map Name   Hive Colony Prime (hcp.bsp)
Map Author   Ne0 XS
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Reviewer   DarkHalo
Reviewed on   Wed Mar 8 07:09:19 2000


Ok... this is Ne0 XS's first GOOD map :D Altho I can't really say it's good because the human base was awesome but it looks like Ne0 spent a lot of time on the human base but like NO time on the spider base. It's like 10 seconds to each base and the spiders are severly disadvantaged, it's even really light in the spider base :) and It's dark in some parts of the human base :) I liked the map the only problem is gameplay, humans will win most of the time, one heavy guy is all it takes to end this map, there's no where else to put the eggs.

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did all old maps come with 2 reviews? - Ranger

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Average rating for Hive Colony Prime: 3.5/10


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Cube Cube

Comment: It seemed like things shouldn't be where they were

Cube Cube

Comment: I don't know... just seemed odd how things were layed out.

Cube Cube

Comment: I dunno pretty weird tho

Cube Cube

Comment: Barely made it
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