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Review of Hive Colony Prime
Map Name   Hive Colony Prime (hcp.bsp)
Map Author   Ne0 XS
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Reviewer   MilTan
Reviewed on   Wed Mar 8 07:07:26 2000

I hate to give anything a bad review, because I know the trouble it takes to make a map, and could never do one myself. However, I feel that it would be utterly dishonest to try to make this map look good. In one word, this map is *bad*.


Basically, the two bases are all of 5 meters apart. This spells certain doom for hatchlings at the beginning of the game, as there is no place to go to avoid the marauding grunts. Some people might point to the sewer system as an alternate route, but even here, the map is human oriented. Although there are some problems about humans having to crouch in order to get into the sewers (pay attention to TRxN's list of sizes next time please), the only spider units that could get into the system were hatchies and kamis, while all but mechs could make it in on the humans side. Once you are inside, the layout itself favors humans. The interior is black, and I mean pitch black. Thus, even with IR vision, a spider cannot see the turns. Coupled with narrow corridors, the sewer system is quite simply not an option for the spiders.

Sorry, but in my book, this map just doesn't cut it.

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Cube Cube Cube

Comment: overall, the *look* of the map was nice.


Comment: while the ducts idea was a nice one, it has been implemented before, and considerably better (see: BugHunt, gloom5).

Cube Cube

Comment: lets see now... there are two rooms, one corridor, and a duct system that is basically a square... absolutely nothing original here...

Cube Cube

Comment: Textures really don't count for that much in my book. As far as true playability goes, this one might shut up the "spiders always win" whiners. However, it will bring back the old days of "humans always win..."
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