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Review of Bugport Missions
"a series of missions based on the Bugports map"
Map Name   Bugport Missions (bpm_purge.bsp)
Map Author   Bidmix [RxN]
Web page   Click here.
Download (6.7mb)
Reviewer   R1CH
Reviewed on   Fri Mar 24 05:00:37 2000
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

Bugports Missions

Well, where to start. The Bugport Missions campaign consists of 4 maps, of which 3 will be played. The initial map is bpm_purge.

Bugports Mission - Purge
The idea here is to 'purge' the other team, by hitting your purge switch in the secured area. This switch only becomes available after the security systems fail, after 10 minutes.


As the station continues to fall apart, VENT access becomes available to the secured areas, allowing more tigher and faster gameplay. Once you hit your green purge switch, a red switch will appear on the opposing team's control panel. The enemy team have just one minute to try and hit this red switch, which will override the purge process and reverse it onto YOUR team!

Stalkers are not allowed, as the humans have tried an experimental nerve gas which damaged the nest. The platoon of marines is small, and mechs cannot be brought in until reinforcements arrive (if the humans win). The tracking system is offline, due to port 42 systems failures.

The general idea of this map is to defend YOUR switch for as long as possible, and hit the enemies switch first. Once you do that, if the enemy then override yours, YOU are doomed, as there is no way to override the override :). Only 3+ frag classes can press the switches, and you are not allowed to build in the secured area.

You cannot attack the enemy's base in this mission, as the spiders have developed a toxic webbing which covers their entrance, killing all humans which attempt to pass. The marines have installed 'Insecticide' which kills all spiders attempting to attack.

If the spiders win, the next map will be POD. If the humans win, the next map will be GAS. These are explained below.

Bugports Mission - Pod
If the spiders win the previous map, the marines are all killed, allowing the spiders' nest to recover and spawn stalkers. However, port 42 systems are failing, and the spiders must send a live breeder into the escape pods and off to a nearby planet for survival of the species.


However, a marine reinforcement ship has docked in a used escape pod. They have insecticde spray units, but these will not function for 6 minutes, while the spray is pumped from port 42 reserves. This ship is quite small, and does not have enough resources to support mechs.

Before you can get to the escape pods, however, you must first restore power to them. For this to happen, a 3+ frag spider class must proceed to the lower central area and push the escape pod power switch. But beware the toxic fumes! Once that is done, a green light will appear next to one of the seven escape pods. A breeder must then push the escape pod open button, and get in the pod to win the mission.

All the humans have to do is stop the breeder. Sounds simple, right? Just wait till you try it...

Bugports Missions - Gas
The experimental nerve gas has been re-engineered, and can now kill all spiders. The humans must release it into the ventilation systems. To do this, vent power must be restored by a 3+ frag class in the lower middle area. When this happens, engineers must reprogram all 4 vent control systems to pump the vent gas, which takes 20 seconds.


However, port 42 systems are failing and the vent power reactors will collapse in 20 minutes! If this happens, the spiders will win. The spiders must prevent the humans from setting up the gas release by stopping the vent controls going on line. The spiders cannot spawn stalkers due to toxic nerve gas leaks, and are waiting 6 minutes for their toxic webbing to grow.

Bugports Missions - Rescue
This is the final mission. Port 42 stations have become extremely unstable, and an automatic resuce ship has been dispatched. Either the spiders or the humans can board it, and it's a fight to the death to see which race escapes! No building is allowed in the ship, and both bases cannot be attacked.


At 12 minutes, the rescue ship will dock and allow boarding. It will leave at 14 minutes, and the station will explode at 15. If there are still both humans and spiders on the ship at 20 minutes, the game will result in a tie. The ship boards in the departures lounge at both entrances.

Well, that's one massive campaign. The execution is flawless, there are no bugs that I found and everything is announced over the station tannoy system. The only bad thing I can say about this map is the people who will just join a team, go stalker/mech and try and attack the enemy base.


Congratulations to Bidmix, this campaign is truly awesome. If there were two seal of approval boxes, I would have checked them both. A big download, but well worth it, lets hope more campaigns like this surface.

See also: R1CH's review of Bugports-32 (the map around which all these missions are based)

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Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Throughout all the missions, texturing is perfect. No errors I could find anywhere, no misalignments and everything was very atmospheric.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: This is based on the Bugports-32 station, which sports incredible layout. 3 decks with ramps, forcefield doors, all in an easy way to remember around (the entire thing is circular-ish). The rescue ship is well designed, the escape pods area is great, the entire campaign just oozes with creative layout. 4 cubes for j00.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: These are the first real campaign missions of gloom 1.2, of course they're creative! Things like the webbing and spray, the varied timers, etc, the series of events... the entire campaign is executed perfectly.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Brilliant. Hop onto a server with any BPM's running and you won't be disappointed. I would give you 5 cubes, but that would mean editing my script :)
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