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Review of LV426b
"It's the kind of map that you smile at when gamespy tells you it's there."
Map Name   LV426b (LV426b.bsp)
Map Version   b
Map Author   The Pyro
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Reviewer   Grytviken
Reviewed on   Thu May 25 14:04:30 2000
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

Well the review I sent in to rich wasn't formated the way the gmd handles stuff, so i fixed it up and VOILA. A re-done review, content is basically the same. You can view a large image of parts of the level at


Welcome to Lv426b. Now my all time favourite of all the gloom maps. In some way Lv426b is an acronime for fast paced action, strategy and FUN. You get like 650 or so build points all yours at the beginning... Smart choice by The Pyro. The bases are biased and practical for both human and spider. The map is FREAKIN HUGE, but not one square cubit is ever repeated. This map has a 'Down to space' feel. Like hugging a grizzly bear.

Expansions are GREAT/PLENTIFULL and none are impossible to reach. The outdoor areas are superb: moonlight gorges with plenty of cover and a constand curving to surprise ennemies. The sewers are VERY well done actually. The water is just deep enough to cover a hachy (or a tripmine, hehe) They lead to the back of either 3 bases (human/middle-outpost/spider) and are often neglected. Thus making for some interesting sneak attacks with a stalker/exterm.

You might wonder how such a huge map is fitted together... Let me tell you I was really surprised when i noclipped to get a better view. The middle base is actually seperated closely from both bases on either side, and the sewers are nearby underneath. Very good use of space. the only problem is you can hear what's going on on the other side (Ex. breeding/building, fighting) it can't be helped though so no pointage lost here.


The Pyro worked hard on this masterpeice, and it will reflect on his grade of: 100%-

User comments:
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the lighting is the only imperfection - ValouR
Well shit. Pyro, you've out-done even ME!! - Saig
It kicks ass. Period. - Cataclaw
The word cheese certainly does not spring to mind when I play this map. I p... - Jimmy [more]
I LUV THIS MAP. 4 blocks all the way baaybeee! - Carcinogen
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3 words "HUNT THE ENGIE!!!":( damn rate thingy, I wanted to give it a 10... - Ryuenjin [more]
Yay what a fun map! Unless of you want to play Gloom that is. Most rooms ... - Fella [more]
By far one of the best maps I've fragged on yet, excellent work Pyro! - Rogue
damn cool level pyro, ive made alot of killings here... - ZereL_IreZ
excellent aliens feel. - carnifex
map is a simple map, large, but simple none the less. basicly it flows in... - Ranger [more]
this is one of my favorite maps - Col.DiRtBaG

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Average rating for LV426b: 7.2/10


Total: 55 ratings
Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: The textures are all used right, and not one is miss-aligned. Nothing wrong in this area. The lighting is well placed and no coloured light is used unecessarily. A real visual treat!

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: The map is quite large and a minimum of 10 players is recommended. There is a lot of hummie base camping, and a lot of spider expansion. Which is how is should be:). The layout is vast, but easy to get the hang of: it's easy to remember the areas cause the map actually looks like something.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: It's good, i mean really good. I love the hummie/spider bases and *gasp*... a middle base; no one has ever thought of that. There are also very practical sewers leading to all three bases which is also cool.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Superb layout, good lighting, exellent texture usage. This is the meat and potatoes of gloom maps. Gameplay is very well sustained and balanced.
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