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Review of Their Finest Hour
"A large, dark map with a very nice, classic, feel."
Map Name   Their Finest Hour (tfh-c.bsp)
Map Version   c
Map Author   Saig
Download (1.3mb)
Reviewer   Blakhawk
Reviewed on   Sun Apr 9 12:06:43 2000
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

The first time I made a server and started up this map, I began to drool. The opening veiw is a shot of the front of the human base glowing from the yellow lights. If you deside to be a human, you spawn into a rather dark small base with a windo looking out to the open, rocky courtyard. Run off the cliff and you can feel the spiders around you. You just know there's a hatchling in those shadows, or a drone somewhere around the next corner. Go the back way, and you'll be taken down a long dark tunnel. Green slime drips on the floor in places. and that pool of water over there is just deep enough to slow you to a crawl.

As a spider you spawn into a dark, damp place that seems to be a ruined undergound control system. There are several way up to the human base, and a button activatied front door.

The whole plase gives the feeling of night and eddgeness. This is gonna be one of my favorite maps. Great job Saige!!

User comments:
Thats "Saig" newbie slave! Anyway, Ill have a revision soon.. - Saig
Swanky map. I love the sounds + dripping slime, usually it's just slime. - Dantae
Shoot, i just turned you into a seasoning, didn't I Saig. :( sorry. - Blakhawk
Beans and cornbread had a fight! - Grot
weee...This is the only good thing Saig has done, besides his sound pack :) - gingerman
This map kills my eyes :) - Raven
My only gripe is the color of the lighting. Depressing. - The Pyro
Low r_speeds, purdy, 'nuff said :P - a large cactus
Boy this map MUST suck bad if it was taken off the servers that quick... - Saig-#2
it's to pretty to be good, /me points at the same textures cave tunnels, t... - Ranger [more]

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Average rating for Their Finest Hour: 5.7/10


Total: 33 ratings
Cube Cube Cube

Comment: He used all the right textures, and they all were placed properly. There was no spectacular usuage of textures, but it looked all like it should. I would give 3 and a half cubes if I could.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Excelent layout here. Although at first a bit confusing, the layout prevents the humans from rushing too badly, and prevents any total roadblocks. The inside of the human base is a bit too dark, which might encorage spawn camping by hatchies. The spider base is very dark, and feels much like a spider base should. Its almoast too dark, but if you use a little bit of logic, getting out is easy. There are many places for relocation, but not so many that just a bunch of breeders could keep the game going.

Cube Cube

Comment: Although beautiful, this map basicaly combines Deserted-1 with Sewer of Slaugher and bits of gorge here and there. Of course, these were all great Maps, and the effect was wonderfull. Not creative, but very nice otherwise.

Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Over all, this is one of my favorite maps. Nothing much more to say here.
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