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Review of Reinforcements at Base Nova
"An excelent map with some nice touches."
Map Name   Reinforcements at Base Nova (gloom5.bsp)
Map Version   28. 2. 1999
Map Author   REX
Web page   Click here.
Download    (2mb)
Reviewer   Blakhawk
Reviewed on   Tue May 16 10:28:52 2000
This map earns the GMD Seal of Approval!

I am not sure when this map was first released, but I know its definatly one of the classics. This map must be played from both teams to be appriciated. I once played this map from the human's side after playing it from the spiders side, and never realized that they were the same maps.

As a human, you spawn in, and the air is sudenly filledwith the sound of fighter jets flying over head, You look up and see the Dead Star roaring overhead, with two small escort prefab Q2 ships. After running into the base, turning right, and going down a very well lit switchback ramp system, you run out into a huge cavernous room. The sounds are very eerie, and its very dark.

As a spider, you hatch into a large Very dark room with a reactor in the middle in the early stages of meltdown. The dark exspansivnes makes you feel very at home, as does the vent system for the hatcheis.

The vent system is the maps one problem, as all the humans have to do is mine jump up there and establish a almoast impenitrable base. But I always enjoy trying to dig the humans out. In any case, this is definatly one of the classics and will be played for a very long time.

User comments:
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One of the few balanced maps out there in Gloom today!! - Saig
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This map sucks don't even download it! - Chippy Chippr
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Where can i find this map - Gloom
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great - delffi
Third favorite map, longest hardest battles..magnificent. - Grot

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Average rating for Reinforcements at Base Nova: 7.8/10


Total: 40 ratings
Cube Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Great texture usage here. Everything looks great. The human section is nice and bright and military-ish, and the spider section is dark, expansive, and enerving for humans. I didn't see anything misalinged. Great job Lifer.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Real solid layout here, with great connectivity. The vent system creates a whole new set of stratitgies. Unfortunatly, this can also make a lot of frustration for people, so I'll have to deduct a cube. (Personaly, I like trying to blast humans out of the vents)

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Although the whole military base thing has been done before, Lifer showed lots of creativity in the reactore, the intricate vent system, and the ships flying overhead.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: If it were my opinion alone, I would have given it all four stars, but the vent system makes too many people not like this map. But this map shows all the sings of being put together by a very skilled mapper.
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