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Review of The Prophecy
"A cramped, but large level thats full of conflicting architecture..."
Map Name   The Prophecy (map2.bsp)
Map Version   24.4.00
Map Author   impact
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Reviewer   Saig
Reviewed on   Tue May 30 18:40:56 2000

The first time I looked at this map, I was surprised to see a church setting used in a Gloom map. After wandering around, I noticed that my sense of claustrophobia began kicking in while wandering the hallways. Then my mind immediately shot to the idea that this would be an absolute spider map, BUT it turns out that the map actually supports both of the teams fairly well.

The high point of this map is the relocation possibilities. Since the level is fairly large, relocating is a simple job for the builder classes, provided they have some support. The starting bases are poorly layed out, and can easily be destroyed within seconds, especially the human base. There is only one entrance to the human base, enabling the spider to quickly lock the humans into their base with high classes. It is advised that humans should quickly advance their base as quickly as possible to have any chance of surviving. The spider base is equally as bad. There are two eggs on solid ground, but the two eggs in the water can hinder in time of emergency.

The actual architecture of the level is mediocre really. It almost seems as though the author rushed through the level, connecting each area with careless brushwork. Almost reminds me of how I map:P J/K. The lighting throughout the level is odd. The lighting provided is beneficial for humans, but not to a point where they can spot a hatchie from a far distance (not that there are any far distances in this level, since its so small). The colored lighting, to me, is overused in some areas....but Im not complaining.

While I didnt have much to say about this level, I will leave you will this final overview summary; The Prophecy is a pretty good map, but it needs to be enlarged a bit. It is good for a lot of player, up to about 16, but more would be carnage. Keep the players to a medium level, and you should have a good game.

Also, Impact, keep mapping. You have some serious potential as a mapper, but just dont be afraid to make maps a bit large in scale. Thats all I have to say......

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Cube Cube

Comment: Well, the texture usage was well chosen, yet alignment was next to nothing. Decent at the most....

Cube Cube

Comment: Many...many relocation spots around here. There are a lot of cramped and confined series of hallways connecting the level. Good connection throughout the level though.

Cube Cube Cube

Comment: Ive never seen a church with such an intricate and technological sub-system to it. The whole church setting is something new for a Gloomish setting, and it almost works.

Cube Cube

Comment: Its a tepid level that benefits spiders, bascially because of the timid scale of the rooms. Despite this fact, it should be an enjoyable map due to the large layout.
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