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Review of Sewer of Slaughter
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
Map Name   Sewer of Slaughter (sewer.bsp)
Map Version   1
Map Author   Dolby and Vedacon
Download   Comes with Gloom 1.1 (1mb)
Reviewer   Grytviken
Reviewed on   Sat May 27 17:31:20 2000

This is actually the first map I ever played on. And, although weak in some areas, a real classic IMO. It isn't as popular as before, but you sometimes see it pop up here and there. Try to go out of your way to get into a game with 'sewer' as the map, it'll be worth your time.


To start you off as a spider, you get the royal treatment... A dank stinky sweaty swealtery blistering sewer, what else could a spider want? Plus with the help of Dolby (one of the creators of the map, the other being Vedacon), a nice crisp'n'clear dripping noise is heard. Now you've got two choices: Head for the complex or go deeper into the sewer.
As a terran, you get a stupid crappy run-down shack sitting over an open manhole. Nuff said, the terran placement sucks ass.

But for some reason, gameplay is good (not great mind you). Why? it happens that spiders prefer to take the hallways to the hummie base, rather than utilising the darkness and security offered by the sewers. This more than evens things out for hummans. It would have been wiser to name it "Hallway of Slaughter"

Sorry, no seal of approval.

User comments:
Heh...good map for 3vs3 or 2vs2. I wouldn't recommend more. - The_Pyro
Humans camp spider base 10 seconds flat...too bad they still lose though:P - Saig
umm, grytviken try putting the review in the right boxes on the review form :o - ValouR
0wnage, man! - Devil Warrior
I have yet to see a fun game played on this map. - [CARGO]
i can't beleive i ever made this map, sorry guys! - dolby
HEY!! This map is one of my favourites! classic Gloom map. - kryb

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Average rating for Sewer of Slaughter: 5.9/10


Total: 22 ratings

Comment: Bad at best. It's like opening up a box of fruitloops with all the reds oranges and yellows pre-sorted and layered. The human base is kinda red, the hallways are kinda yellow, the sewer is kinda grey, and the spider base is kinda breen (brown+green). They dont flow together at all and are impracticaly used. In this map are some of the most butt-ugly texture transitions i've ever seen, not to mention that there is one colored light in the entire map and it's a VERY BRIGHT GREEN. Sometimes the autor(s) just screwed up "why are these three walls made of metal and this wall chooses to be made of stone?"many textures are miss-aligned as well. It aint so bad when you are playing i guess but man, don't stop to look around unless you are prepared to shed tears of agony.

Cube Cube

Comment: Its pretty nice, standard bugs on one end and hummies on the other. But I've got this thing with sewer entrances (TF) and the expasion spot in the large underground room is twice as good as the original bases. The human base is a joke, like it was added in to eject clowns or something. It is real easy to get into as any spider considering that you can go in from any side; a property of a human base that should never be repeated. There is also a tight squeeze to get out of spider base resulting in many stuck-bugs. And the actuall base may be wiped clean with a single ht missile or grenade, due to lack of cover. The map is also fairly small. with the sewer thing being the only expansion.

Cube Cube

Comment: There wont be another on like this around, and there wasnt before. But thinking of it wasnt really a brain racker so only half points.

Cube Cube

Comment: Its still a fun map to play by all means. The level of exitment is similar to that of gloom1: but there is a painfull difference between eyecandy and eyesore.

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